What Your Supervisor Wants

With a new year comes new changes and sometimes we don't like or want to be a part of those changes.  Managers can be difficult which make supervisors stress.  Sometimes people don't always communicate what they want in the most comprehensive ways.  Article might shed some light on your workplace challenges with a difficult supervisor.  What Your Supervisor Wants


9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier

I came across this informative article I think some of my readers would greatly appreciate.  I have personally used some of the tips in the past and present and they definitely work.  If you are happier in your personal life, it will help your professional life. Enjoy!

9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier


Too Many Time Wasters at Work Mean Shorter Hours Needed

Do you work for a company who has tasks that could actually be completed in five hours rather than eight?  Now I know some won't admit too much of anything, because hours equate dollars and no one wants to give up money.  But the truth of the matter is many companies spend far too much money keeping employees at the workplace for eight plus hours. Some tasks simply can be done in less than eight hours.
If you are a boss, rather than cut jobs out altogether, consider part-time hours.  Observe your staff a little more closely.  How much time is being allotted to do routine things?  Is it especially important to have time set aside to check several ways to communicate ie.) email, text, voice mail etc. when maybe all you need is one?  What about fax machine and copier tasks, do these duties have to be done daily?  How about break times ie. ) for smoking and personal conversation at cubicles, over the phone, and the water coolers, how often and for how long is this going on?  Are birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and other holidays necessary to celebrate at work?  How long are lunches? There are also those workers who take much time seeking parking and walking to work, can this time be streamlined?
 Make a list of the time wasters and note the approximate time employees are taking up time doing things like:  eating at their desks, opening emails, surfing on the Internet, and other things.  You know that too much comfort can take away from valuable tasks being done such as: calling clients back, running company errands, filing paperwork, typing documentation etc.  Sometimes laying off people is not the solution, but cutting back hours is.
Once you factor in all the time that is being directed to these activities, you will find that much time during the workdays are being wasted.  Consider having a meeting with your leaders sharing your findings and then proceed to make necessary arrangements.  Do include the cost savings to the company.
Here are some workplace time wasters you may not have thought about:
  • Slow computers and other office equipment that could generate faster output.
  • Making adjustments to an electronic device from an ipod to a watch.
  • Eating snacks every 30 minutes.
  • Standing in long lunch lines.
  • Answering phone calls and email from fellow co-workers.
  • Walking to a bathroom on the other side of the building.
  • Walking to the snack machine on the other side of the building.
  • Filing, faxing, or typing information  that really don't need to be handled in one or all of these ways.
Can you think of some more?
 Nicholl McGuire is the author of a variety of books and journals including: My Business Plan on

Dress Code Policies - Spell Them Out!

One's workplace attire should never be a topic years later if the information was clear and specific from the beginning of employment and overtime updated.  However, what makes this subject matter an issue that surfaces every now and then is due to fashion trends, dedicated employees viewing others getting away with breaking policies, and more.  So when the issue comes up, don't brush it off, give it a pass, or spend way too much time talking about it.  Instead, spell out what the fashion violations are in writing, redistribute company policies, arrange to meet with all parties, explain why employees should adhere to company standards, and mention the consequences.  When you take the time to do all these things, you don't have to worry about someone claiming, "I didn't know..." when you write them up.


Is Someone on the Job Running Scared, Fearful You are Going to Take Their Job?

You might have been the one joking about one day taking over your manager's position.  He or she may have noticed lately that you are a threat.  Sometimes we underestimate those who appear like they are secure with their positions.  We assume that they trust us.  But once you verbalize your desire to have anything of those who lead over you, you become someone to watch out for.

I got the opportunity to observe a student elevate into a teacher role over a period of years.  When the student had finally reached his plateau, it was time to find a way for the teacher to push his student out the door.  Now on the surface, this was a good thing, that is if the student felt he or she was ready.  But there was some growing that still needed to be done and besides the student was looking for opportunities close by, not far away.  This one who had learned the ropes didn't want to believe that his beloved teacher was pushing him outdoors when those around him tried to warn him.  What the student forgot, was that the teacher remembered his cocky comments about one day being "the boss" and so when the time was right, he had to push his student away.  No one likes an arrogant student or one who acts like a know-it-all, these flaws in his character was quite evident to the teacher.  It would only be a matter of time that they might bump heads.  Now because the teacher didn't want to hurt the student by setting him up to fail, despite past offenses, fear, and the temptation to want to pay him back, he did what was best, he encouraged him to go elsewhere.  "Did you consider looking into my position with another establishment?" Of course, the opportunity would move the student and his family far away.  The threat would be gone permanently, so he had hoped.

I share this story because I think that some people tend to get too comfortable with their bosses.  They go out for drinks and meals and discuss personal business.  They invite their workers to their homes.  They offer to run errands and do favors.   For some individuals this sort of thing works, but for others not so much.  Where exactly is the line?  Who draws it?  And when do you not cross it?

You see those close knit relationships are nice as long as everyone knows their role and don't mix business with pleasure (such was the case between teacher and student until the student started acting arrogantly), but they are also detrimental to your future work relationship. Sooner or later one is going to say or do something that the other doesn't like, especially if it has something to do with his or her position in the company.  When this happens, just like the man who thought his boss "just loved him,"  a worker will soon hear about him or her "being a perfect fit elsewhere."

Just something to think about.

So what are some signs that show that a boss feels threatened by you?

  1. He starts acting like every idea you have isn't right, wouldn't ever work, or could possibly cause more harm than good.
  2. He acts visibly jealous when you talk about all of your accomplishments--even though he had a hand in them.
  3. He looks for faults.  He finds issues with how you do things that he never had with you before.
  4. He teases, name-calls, or does other things that make you question whether he is just joking or is serious.
  5. You hear from others that your boss has said some things about you personally and/or professionally that appear like you don't know what you are doing or what you are talking about.
  6. He takes your ideas and doesn't give you any credit.
  7. He often encourages you to get a similar position elsewhere and may even go so far as to help make some things happen.
If you feel like your boss is threatened by you, find a way to talk about your concern, but whatever you do don't act like you are better, know more, or can handle every situation perfectly.  If you are a believer, pray for your boss or anyone who has been giving you trouble lately.

How to Disagree with Your Boss Without Getting Fired - Excelle

How to Disagree with Your Boss Without Getting Fired - Excelle


10 Ways a Boss Will Get an Employee to Quit a Job | Suite101

10 Ways a Boss Will Get an Employee to Quit a Job | Suite101

Work Place After Parties, Happy Hours

It can be difficult working in an atmosphere that doesn't really appreciate you much. So for some of you reading this, you might not spend too much time with boss or workers other than to complete a job and then off you go.  However, there are those of you who love your co-workers like they are your brothers and sisters (at least so it appears that way).  Could your emotions get you in trouble one day?  Throw alcohol, drugs, or something else into the mix and who knows what might happen to your work relationship.

Sometimes we forget that people on the job are workers.  Even a family member is not a family member when it comes to business.  One has to put aside his or her personal and outside interests and carry on with business.  But some people who don't have much of a social life outside of the workplace, sometimes look at workers as best friends, brothers, sisters, lovers, and more.  It doesn't matter how likable a person is, he or she is put in your presence to assist with tasks not hand-hold, pleasure, or be a personal counselor.  However, so many have turned their work relationships into something more and have brought their "I like her...I like him" stories home to a spouse or partner who is glaring back with eyes of distrust.

Some of you might have already slipped when it comes to these happy hour events.  You may have reasoned, "What my sweetie doesn't know won't hurt her/him."  But what some workers fail to understand is that a loved one most likely has a feeling that something went down back in 19... or 2000 whatever and might go down again after happy hour, during idle time at work, or this upcoming holiday party.

There is much anxiety and tension in the air for some couples during this season of holiday parties and it only gets worse as it gets closer and closer to certain days.  When you know you have been guilty of getting a little bit too carried away at these work celebrations, you might want to do the wisest thing, sit out for a bit.  Now for some readers, they probably weren't expecting a blog entry post to advise such things.  "Sit out!  I wish I could, but my company..."  Just hold off on the reasons why the company party (or dare I say it that cute guy or gal in the office) is more important than your family.  For some readers, your company could do without a few of you showing up especially if you like to drink.

Some bosses are hoping and praying that some of you heavy drinkers don't show up.  Wives and husbands that have been cheated on are also hoping that a cheating mate will sit this one out this year.  You can make your new year a happy one and lessen some of your burdens by making other arrangements even if you suspect you might be tempted to act out of character.  Whatever your other arrangements are, they just might save your job.

I have personally observed much activity at company parties ie.) drunk women dressed slutty and dancing seductively, men misbehaving, and the boss and his assistant being a little too chummy while his wife just stares at the two of them. The next day the office reeked of last night's alcohol and cigar smells, arguments with a jealous spouse takes up most of the day, and reprimands are sent out to trouble-making workers inciting conflict over "he say, she say" statements.  Hung over and red face, a former boss and supervisor either looked a little too happy to see me or scary looking as if the two were possessed. Those spirits really did do a number on them and of course they left early and left the rest of us holding the bag.

Now for those who can handle their alcohol or shall I say partying, I have nothing to say to you.  Eat, drink and be merry if that's what you most desire to do.  But for those who know better, you best look at your situation with wise eyes and do what's right for you, your career, and your family.  Observers don't forget what you say or do at happy hour or any other social engagement.  Who knows what the new year holds for you?

Nicholl McGuire is the creator of the Job Journal.  A simple book to help you keep track of your thoughts while on the job.


Plan on Shopping Online During Cyber Monday?

You will probably want to take some time to do online shopping from work.  Don't forget to do the following:

One.  Ask permission if you aren't sure you are permitted to use the company computer to shop.

Two.  Don't save personal data on a public computer.

Three.  Pay attention to the time when you started researching.  You don't want time to get away from you shopping rather than working.

Four.  Never assume others around you aren't looking over your shoulder.

Five.  When you shop, don't forget to get cash back for your purchases.  Also, check for coupon/promo codes too.

Six.  Use a credit card over a debit card.  Most often it is easier to dispute a charge with your credit card company.  You also don't have the worry of some unsuspecting charges draining you of money in the bank for bill payments.

Happy shopping!

Nicholl McGuire, published poet, author, blogger.  Check out: Things to Do When Bored 

Looking for Cyber Monday resources?  See here.


Gift-giving at the Workplace

So the grab bags, the birthdays, and the holiday season is coming around.  Buy some cool things for your favorite co-workers.  I specially picked out some good gifts in electronics under $100.  I have a history of buying some great gifts for boss, supervisor, family and friends and I can tell you a good gift goes a long way in the future!  Enjoy shopping!

The Great Gift World - Electronics


Blood Sacrifice for a Better Life

Many have made sacrifices in their lives to get ahead at the workplace.  Blood, sweat and tears so you have heard went into education, jobs, relocation, and more.  But some of the most successful people in this world don't tell you what they did behind the scenes other than go to school and do the typical things to get ahead.

There is a dark side to managing, owning, building,rebuilding and more when it comes to a man or woman's career or business and not all are playing fairly or wisely.

If you are of the right pedigree, have the "right" connections, and know a thing or two about the supernatural, you will be surprised at what is offered to you.

There are those at your workplace that no matter what you do or say they fight you.  You want to do things ethically, but they don't.  You value your family, they don't.  You know how to balance work and play, they don't.  So much opposition some of my readers have to fight up against just for a paycheck.

But I will tell you, that those who have sacrificed babies, without remorse, to maintain a certain career path and those who refuse wise instruction and even those leaders and workers who emotionally/physically cheat on partners and ignore children, reap what they sow!  Hopefully, you are one of them who have made your past wrongs right, but if not, take heed to this blog entry.

The path of the rich only leads to emotional and/or physical misery.  People who you think are your friends, end up not being nothing more than users.  When the money, fame, power, etc. is gone, they are gone too.  Then there is another path, the path of the wise man and when he walks on his path, he makes long-lasting connections and the things that he sacrifices are not made up of blood. 

Consider this the next time you desire more money, fame and power, what are you willing to give up to get ahead and is it really worth it?  Appreciate where you are right now until you can make sense of your situation, consult wise counselors, and be put on that path that leads to somewhere rather than nowhere.

Blood sacrifices of old are still very much ongoing.  The misdeeds of men and women are not outdated.  Scenes and customs may have changed over centuries, but people are still making decisions that cost people their mental and physical well-being.  Although you are not considered a slave at the workplace working for a king, the reality is you are very much still that and unless you desire more for your life, you will remain that.  Look beyond the material wealth and check your spiritual health!

Nicholl McGuire manages numerous blogs and writes books.  Feel free to receive practical, spiritual wisdom for your personal and professional endeavors here.


You Waste A Lot Of Time At Work

Does your workplace have far too many places to get messages from bosses, supervisors, and employees?  Is there any way to streamline everything in one place; rather than checking here there and everywhere? Yes.  Learn more here:

You Waste A Lot Of Time At Work


Appreciate the Job You Have While You Wait for the Next Opportunity

Most workers know it isn't easy finding that ideal job, so you settle.  I know how that feels to go into a workplace everyday that you don't like and it doesn't like you, but somehow you figure out a way each day to find something about it you do like and before long a week becomes a month and a month becomes a year and so on and your still there.

Maybe for you, your positive affirmation everyday has something to do with how close the location, how great the money and bonuses are, or how nice the cafeteria and workers are.  But whatever you find good about your current employment, hold on to that until a new opportunity comes your way.  I tell you, you will appreciate your upcoming job much when you are coming from a place that you don't like.  You will find you are getting up early, showing up early, smiling more, and overall feeling good about yourself.  Your family will notice a difference in your personality, and who knows, they might even start acting more positive as a result.

Know that the job you have right now is leading you to greener pasture if you can just "stand" it a little longer!  If you're job searching right now, keep doing it, while learning more about the latest trends in your industry.  Also, keep in mind that it is only a matter of time when you will get that call or email asking you to come in for an interview, so be prepared.  Be sure you have your best work attire reserved for that time, a back up plan to be sure you have no distractions on the day of your interview, and also great answers to those job interview questions.

To your success!

Nicholl McGuire is the writer and publisher of My Business Journal and What Can I Say About My Job journals only on


What job can I do?

"We’re not all born with a desire to get THAT job and some of us struggle to work out what career would suit us. People with jobs they enjoy aren’t just lucky, they have just worked out what works for them – and then they’ve gone for it.

Want to know their secret? We show you how."

What job can I do?


Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic - Nicholl McGuire talking about book - YouTube

You are a believer who just wants to perform God's will.  However, it seems that every time you do something for the Lord, you find yourself in trouble.  There are those days you might think God is far away and those who criticize you for your faith are winning.  "Not so," says the Lord. He is with you.  He knows what the critics and fault-finders are saying and doing to get you to lose focus in all that you do.  To be assured that God sees all and knows your plight, consider listening to the following audio and be refreshed and blessed!

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic - Nicholl McGuire talking about book - YouTube

Mobbing-U.S.A. - Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace

You don't want to appear like the trouble-maker or the "tattle-tale" but some people at your workplace seem to have it in for you.  Sometimes it is simply one's appearance, background, response to situations, or lack of emotion that just sets off a troubled individual to come after you.  When one doesn't like you, he or she may talk to others about you, so that before long there is a group of people that have issue with you never bothering to think that they have been negatively influenced and possibly manipulated into thinking the worse of you.  Now what?  Do we start acting extra nice to those individuals--an attempt to restore our reputation?  Do we confront the bully?  How about a meeting with the supervisor who just so happens to be the friend of the ring leader?  If you are having issues like these, you must visit the following webpage and while your at it, use your faith--for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal!

Mobbing-U.S.A. - Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace


ACT, GMAT and SAT Test Preps

Are you working and attending school?  You may want to check out some online test prep programs here:

ACT, GMAT and SAT Test Preps

Relieve Some Stress: Golf Tips

Sometimes we are so consumed with work that we forget about the little things we can do to relieve some stress.  Golf is a pleasant mental exercise that distracts you from those other issues--ugh!  So live a little, enjoy a game of golf today!

Golf Tips

Free Online Courses, Workplace Skills Training, Interactive Education and Multimedia Learning | ALISON

I was very impressed with this site and thought some of you looking to enhance your workplace skills might be interested.

Free Online Courses, Workplace Skills Training, Interactive Education and Multimedia Learning | ALISON

My Business Journal book by Nicholl McGuire - YouTube

Why would you need this kind of journal?  Because you have so much going on in your head that the probability that you will forget a great thought is more than likely.  You may also need this journal, because you just might want to reflect on those tried methods you did to get one thing or another done that didn't work and how might you improve upon your future efforts.  Maybe you need a business journal book, because one day that child who wants a bit of your time will one day want to know why was your job more important than everything else sometimes.  

My Business Journal book by Nicholl McGuire - YouTube


How to Find a New Job After Being Fired

The writing may have been on the wall leading up to your dismissal.  Now what to do?  Read more: How to Find a New Job After Being Fired


Jealous Co-workers: Have you had enough yet?

Are you the victim of jealous co-workers?  You know the type that have nothing better to do, but to comment on how you look, the way you walk, and the way you interact with the boss and other co-workers.  People like this can easily be put in their place.

First, you will want to document what you notice about the person causing you grief.  Is she disrupting work-flow by her comments?  Is she bothering you by coming over to your workspace disrupting you?  You will want to file a complaint with the supervisor, human resources and/or the "big boss." 

Sometimes jealous co-workers try to befriend everyone in the workplace just so that they appear like they are friendly and are good workers.  However, most observant workers know better, and don't bother to deal with these type of people on a daily basis.  Any contact with them is strictly related to business.

The next thing you will want to do when dealing with a jealous co-worker is limit your conversation.  It isn't necessary to exchange pleasantries with this person or update he or she on things like, what happened over the weekend and other personal stories.  Cut your enemy out of your personal life and watch him closely in your professional life.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that you don't have to rely on this person for too much.  Do what you must to limit your activity around him or her.  Don't trust this person with your passwords or keys.  Don't always believe everything he or she says, check behind him or her. 

If you relax around a jealous person and put too much trust in him or her to handle a task on a consistent basis, keep a secret, or assist you when you are in a bind, you are asking for trouble! 

When you know someone is jealous of you, someone in the workplace should know about some of your experiences with this person.  Avoid name-calling or saying things that look like you are in fact the one who is jealous of your enemy.  By sharing your story with a trusted supervisor or boss, this will protect you in case the jealous person attempts to set you up by making a false accusation or doing something sneaky to get you written up or worse fired in the future.  Be sure you document what date and time you talked with someone else about the issue, as well as all things pertaining to this person who is jealous of you.  When detailing the jealous person's activities, remember to include a date and time too.

Nicholl McGuire
To learn more about this writer, visit this site.


The Key to Having a Great Work Day Is?

How you approach your work day is all up to you.  Do you resent having to go to work?  Then if so, don't wonder why you have so few good days.  Do you start off being positive at work, but by the end of the work day, you feel like you are ready to disappear from the face of the earth?  If so, don't expect the next day to be any different, it might get worse.

How we view our work days each day will help us determine whether we should even remain in the profession that we (or someone else) has chosen for us.  If you want a great work day then you will have to invest some positivity in it.  If you want people to love you, then you have to start loving people.  If you want an increase in your wages, then you will have to look beyond what you are currently doing and seek additional opportunities to make money.  Some people say goodbye to the old and hello to the new employment opportunity.  Others find a diamond in the rough.  Whatever you decide to make that happen, is all on you but do something!

Too many people provide lip service when it comes to having a positive day, "I feel good today," but their attire and mannerisms say, "I'm really having a bad day, can't you tell I'm faking?"  Often people have far too much going on in their personal lives.  Then they will bring what troubles them to work.  There are those people who have too much going on at work to even think about acting or being positive about some, if not all, of what they do for eight plus hours a day.

Know what you want out of each work day before you get there, even if it means you have to plan for a few moments of peace and happiness throughout the day.  Don't allow others to dictate your mood.  Learn to focus on something positive when those work storms come and try to knock you down.  Do you have a faith?  Do you watch what you eat?  Do you get a good night's rest?  Do you have too much going on in your personal life?  What will you have to do to make your future work days more positive and productive?

Nicholl McGuire

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