The Key to Having a Great Work Day Is?

How you approach your work day is all up to you.  Do you resent having to go to work?  Then if so, don't wonder why you have so few good days.  Do you start off being positive at work, but by the end of the work day, you feel like you are ready to disappear from the face of the earth?  If so, don't expect the next day to be any different, it might get worse.

How we view our work days each day will help us determine whether we should even remain in the profession that we (or someone else) has chosen for us.  If you want a great work day then you will have to invest some positivity in it.  If you want people to love you, then you have to start loving people.  If you want an increase in your wages, then you will have to look beyond what you are currently doing and seek additional opportunities to make money.  Some people say goodbye to the old and hello to the new employment opportunity.  Others find a diamond in the rough.  Whatever you decide to make that happen, is all on you but do something!

Too many people provide lip service when it comes to having a positive day, "I feel good today," but their attire and mannerisms say, "I'm really having a bad day, can't you tell I'm faking?"  Often people have far too much going on in their personal lives.  Then they will bring what troubles them to work.  There are those people who have too much going on at work to even think about acting or being positive about some, if not all, of what they do for eight plus hours a day.

Know what you want out of each work day before you get there, even if it means you have to plan for a few moments of peace and happiness throughout the day.  Don't allow others to dictate your mood.  Learn to focus on something positive when those work storms come and try to knock you down.  Do you have a faith?  Do you watch what you eat?  Do you get a good night's rest?  Do you have too much going on in your personal life?  What will you have to do to make your future work days more positive and productive?

Nicholl McGuire

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