How to Create a Unique Workplace Culture (+playlist)

What are your personal core values and how do they compare with your place of employment?  What could you do to make a difference in the workplace culture where you work?  Do people enjoy coming to work on a daily basis or resent it?  You can make a difference wherever you work irregardless of your title.  Seek out the problems, present the solutions and prepare to get your hands dirty!  You might want to create some New Year's Resolutions for the workplace.  If you are unemployed, consider bringing something new to your potential place of employment that will bring more revenue, media exposure, save money, and whatever else your employer hopes to see differently at the workplace this year.

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The Four Most Difficult People You'll Ever Manage

4 Quadrants

1.  Relators - Hate confrontation/conflict.  Relate to people organically. 

2.  Socializers - Make everything fun.  Downside, they sometimes have too much fun and aren't taken seriously.

3.  Thinkers - High thresholds for analytical processing.  They take sometimes too long to make decisions.

4.  Directors - Desire efficiency and productivity from team.  Sometimes they get these things through a lack of effort and respect toward team. 

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