When It Comes to a Boss You Absolutely Hate...

Learn to keep your mouth shut if you know you just can't seem to formulate the right words to describe him or her or express what you don't like about his or her actions.  Who knows, you just might go far in the company, but talk too much, especially to the wrong people, then don't wonder why you have the problems you do at work.


What Are You to Your Boss - The Mistress, The Spouse, The Friend, or Just What You Should Be

Have you ever felt that you or someone you know is in to deep with the leadership?  You know that one or two or maybe a few favorite employees that seem to be a bit too friendly with the owner, boss, manager, or supervisor.  There is a reason why family and friends really shouldn't be working in the same atmosphere or even the same company, yet some will do it anyway.  Then there are those who will make new friends and get a little too attached and personal quite quickly.

Some workers will view their relationship with a boss like they do an intimate partner.  The boss becomes like a spouse to them who manages their household via advice and acts like it is "me and you baby against the world" in a workplace setting.  This is of course an inappropriate relationship whether imagined or real with a boss.  Yet, some employees have the "office door closed" kind of relationship where loyalty looks more like a marriage than a boss and employee workplace partnership.  If one should have an issue with the boss, like a spouse, he or she will defend the man or woman whether right or wrong.

Young professionals fall easily into deceptive, controlling, and manipulative arrangements with bosses.  They assume they are favored employees because the boss gives them a gift, preferential treatment, and appears to like them very much, but for some bosses they are simply using and unfortunately abusing the gullible types.  The single, young employees work for free or for little hourly pay and sometimes for very long hours especially if they don't have children.  They conduct business in sub-par or unsafe workplace settings with little or no complaints.  For some attractive employees, they are treated like eye candy rather than intelligent human beings. Those in need of attention will latch on to the charming boss whether he or she is aware or not.

The Mistress relationship with a boss is quite simple.  He or she is not the go-to person, but the one called upon when needed or used to get even with someone.  This person will take what he or she can get for a time until the individual realizes the workplace/relationship is headed toward a dead end. There are no more promotions, pay increases, special favor, gifts, or anything else.  The Mistress is often thrown under the bus when things get hot at the workplace.  For instance, money shows up missing, records are inaccurate, sales are down, and other things, the boss will orchestrate a plan to get the Mistress' hands dirty when in a jam.  This way if something comes up, the boss' wasn't responsible for the task, the Mistress was.  The worker decorates his or herself up beautifully, flirts, charms, and does any number of things to draw attention to his or herself including having sex with the boss.

Many employees make the error of being a friend to the boss and vice versa.  These people are led by their emotions rather than intelligence when it comes to performing tasks given to them.  They equate much of their relationship with their bosses to feelings.  They will even say, "I feel that the boss would want this...and I know him well..." These "friends" to the boss are not like professionals when it comes to getting a job done, rather they are laid back when speaking to a boss--sometimes disrespectfully, emotional at times sharing far too much about their personal lives, and will become easily offended when a boss says something they don't like.  They also expect much since they claim to know their manager very well and will try to convince others to do certain things for him or her whether good, bad or otherwise.  These employees who consider themselves to be friends will go out with the boss, attend social events together, and enjoy receiving perks because they are "good friends" with the leadership.  But in time, the assumed friendship will turn ugly because sometimes friends don't know how to separate business from pleasure.  Everything becomes personal, from the way the boss looks at them to the tone of voice he or she uses during a meeting.  Tension will grow between friends and before long someone is walking out or being terminated.

So what are you really to your boss?  You should be a worker.  One who doesn't mix business with pleasure.  Someone who doesn't wear his or her feelings on your sleeve.  An employee who is focused on meeting company goals and willing to get paid what you are worth based on your workplace performance not the way you look, the history you have with a boss, special treatment, and more.  There is a thin line between love and hate at home and so too it is at work, and if you cross the line doing things that have nothing to do with your role at home and at work, you will get burned.

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Let Go of a Past Job - You Don't Work There Anymore

A woman shared with me how her boss was always bringing up experiences she encountered when she used to work for XYZ company.  "You know when I was there, we did this...We also did that...I really enjoyed that place.," the boss would tell staff members during meetings.  "Maybe we should do some things like them...When I worked there, we..."  So what do you think the employee and the rest of the staff were saying to themselves, "Well, you don't work there anymore!  And if it was so great, then why are you here with us?"

It is never a good idea to talk so much about a previous employer especially at a meeting.  Chances are someone just might go back and share one's experiences with the wrong person on a bad day.  Just imagine, "You know Jack is always talking about when he worked for Jill at Pail Enterprises.  He doesn't spend nearly as much time talking about work related business."  What do you think an owner might say about Jack talking so highly about the competition? 

The only time it is a good idea to bring up the past is if it is going to do two things: save time or money and even then, why mention the company?  Why not say, "I have a great idea, why don't we try doing...?"  Instead of, "When I worked for XYZ, we did a phenomenal job doing this...our team was very efficient and we got along so well."  Can you honestly say something like this about a previous employer without appearing prideful?  But some employees, do just that!  They actually cause division among the staff.  Rather than the focus being on the business at hand, everyone is focused on what a boss or employee said about his or her past experiences working with this company and that one.

The same woman who shared her past work history with the staff about her braggart boss, who loved to talk about her past employer, didn't look so happy.  The worker also showed clear signs she didn't like management too much either.  She mentioned someone complaining to the man, who hired her boss and him responding with, "I already know about her and she is good.  I hired her."  He said nothing addressing the issue and did nothing.  Fortunately, these days he is no longer her boss, his job is now available.

If you happen to be around such a person, who still is very much in love with his or her previous workplace, and doesn't mind telling the world about it, why not say, "Would you like to go back there?  Maybe we could make that happen."  This would send a clear sign to him or her to slow down with all the past employer talk.  Share with a superior that the past story-telling is annoying.  But if you are the one doing the bragging about the past, let this be a wake-up call to you, cut it out, because you aren't winning any new friends.

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