Exodus: Looking for Signs to Make a Move

How to Evaluate a Job Offer and Quit the Company You are With

You are ready to take a job and leave another.  There are some good sites on the web that can help.  Be sure to thank us for referring you when you are done reading!  To your success!

How to Evaluate a Job Offer

What to Do When Your Job Offer is Withdrawn

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Overloaded with Technology, Work, Family and More?

Sooner or later if you don't deprogram you will look like some of the individuals shown on this site in previous blog entries.  Do you want that?  How important is your job and family to you?  Deprogram before you lose it with someone or something!


Don't Try This at Work...

What workplace stress really looks like!

Notice the signs before your co-worker goes nuts!  Technology issues, offer assistance.  Annoying noises and other weird things, cut it out.  Smelly odors including perfume, do something about it.  Think about what you or someone else is doing to disrupt what could be a nice day at work and say something, talk to HR, write a letter, confront the issue, but do something other than freak out.


Workplace Harassment is a Form of Discrimination

The following sites, as well as this one, will give you some detailed information when it comes to dealing with issues of workplace harassment. - site helps you understand what is workplace harassment.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - further insight as to how workplace harassment is defined by our government.

Strategic HR-ManagEase - there are frequently asked questions and answers about workplace harassment on this website. - how to handle workplace harassment

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