5 Signs You Have a Foe at The Workplace

You may be so engrossed in your tasks at work that you haven't given any thought that you have an enemy at work.  You may have excused blantant wrongdoing as a mere accident or coincidence.  But a foe knows how to cleverly disguise misdeeds so as to appear as if he or she is "okay" with you when in all actuality this person is jealous.  Some of the things that one who doesn't like his co-worker will do include:

1.  Often looks over your shoulder and makes remarks that sound less like compliments and more like criticisms.

2.  Shares whatever you do, big or small, good or bad, with someone else and includes his or her personal commentary.

3.  Makes a point to inconvenience you when he or she knows that you are doing something else in the hopes that you will fail at getting your job done.

4.  Finds the time to talk to you even when you don't talk much to him or her.

5.  May report to a different boss, but appears very interested in you and what you are doing despite your job having little to do with him or her.

When these things occur, be sure that you note dates and times and what you noticed.  Discuss any problems the person has with you with a witness present.

Nicholl McGuire


What You Say at Work Supposedly in Private will Hurt You One Day

Sooner or later an old conversation will show up on the lips of a disgruntled employee.  How many times does one have to be warned that employees aren't friends of anyone--they are workers?  Well, tell that to the people who have numerous BFF (best friends forever) at workplaces. 

It's nice to have friends.  They are there when things go wrong, motivate you to do better, and warn you when you are headed for trouble.  But an angry, unforgiving type of so-called friend, well that person could care less about the friendship when jobs are on the line, when promotions are up for grabs, and when this manipulative person has a liking for a certain boss or supervisor that might be paying a little too much attention to you.

What was told privately comes back to haunt many workers across our land.  Whether what you said was shared in-person, via text or email, any person who has just a little bit of jealousy, insecurity or anxiety about one's position or workplace and considers you a threat will say something.

Words can get one black-balled at work, although unfair, it happens.  Check local labor laws.  Find out what you can about accessing your file to see what others may have said about you.  If what has been mentioned, is happening to you, then do what you must.  If an apology is necessary, make a verbal and written statement to those you have offended.  Find ways to resolve issues.  Maybe you might have to take on an additional project, stay later, or do something else to gain your good reputation back with others.  Seek employment if it gets too hot to stay in the kitchen!

Nicholl McGuire


How to Survive a Bad Review

Sometimes when one is being reprimanded for poor job performance, he or she wants to defend his or her actions.  The best thing to do is listen, take notes, and promise that the problem will be solved.
Learn more about surviving a bad review here.

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