Do you have a potty mouth at work?

It had been almost three years since I worked in an office environment and now I hope to return back home with the children for one simple fact, angry, impatient people.

The bus drivers are impatient, people in the workplace are both impatient and angry, and even the strangers that walk past me are just as bad! I have heard more curse words over the littlest of things. From the copier to someone not moving fast enough to sit down in front of the boss.

Is the recession making people lose all respect for self and others? Are people angry because they aren't working in a career they enjoy? What is going on in these air-conditioned, quiet office spaces that appear clean and carefree?

I don't know about you but I am reminded to count my blessings everytime someone is asking me for money on the street. This attitude over simple things just might cost one his or her job. Supervisors and co-workers appear like they don't care that the guy who rants and raves in the breakroom is just having a hard day, but I can almost bet you that if I am offended by one's rude behavior, someone in management is too! Most likely, the cursing sailor will be the first they will axe!

I don't know about you but sometimes a word here or there may slip unexpectedly, but we have to be careful to get our thoughts and actions back in control as quick as possible. Being a potty mouth doesn't get one the corner office, it gets him or her the back office so far away that eventually no one even knows you work there.

May we all remember to clean our mouths out before someone else does...

Written by Nicholl McGuire
Author and Poet

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