How Do You Make Yourself Relevant on the Job?

You may not be the go-to person for very many things at work. But just because you aren't, doesn't mean that your job title is unimportant. So how do you make yourself relevant? What do you do to keep your boss and co-workers interested in your skills?

Here is a short list of some things you can start doing today!

1. Schedule time with your boss to find out if there are any upcoming tasks that he or she may need assistance. By doing this, you are actually one step ahead of the rest of the team and your boss may keep you in mind when the next task comes up.

2. Create a program or project that would help with current tasks. Win your manager's approval and you will cause others to have to come to you for information and training.

3. Organize an event that includes other co-workers and not only will you remain relevant for awhile, but so will others.

4. Brief your boss about ongoing happenings around the workplace that he or she may not be aware, this will not only keep him or her in the loop, but eventually he or she will come to rely on you for information.

5. Volunteer for projects in other departments (of course with your boss' approval.) This too will help you stay relevant.

6. When any boss or co-worker is out of the office, step up to the plate and take the time to update them on what happened in the office while they were away. Not only will your boss and co-worker appreciate your updates, but they will see you are definitely worth keeping around.

Nicholl McGuire

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