How to Deal With a Drama Queen Manipulator : Improving Your Workplace

Helpful comment via YouTube: Never talk with a manipulative person in private. NEVER. If you deal with a skilled manipulator, he/she can put you into serious trouble. Especially if they are young women and attractive. As soon as you detect a manipulative person/control freak/narcissist/psychopath (the closer it is to a psychopath, the more important it is to keep this in mind), stay away from that person, use only mails or any communication form that will remain recorded and never stay alone with that person in an area where there is no surveillance. Again, especially if they are attractive young women. I dealt with control freaks, narcissists, manipulators in three different jobs. I am currently dealing with a female psychopath as coworker. My advice comes from real life in-first-person experience.

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