Busy People Blaming Others for Their Issues

Busy People Blaming Others for Their Issues: Faith-based truth talk by inspirational speaker and author Nicholl McGuire from YouTube channel NM Enterprise 7...


April is the Time to Start Looking for a New Job

If you are sick and tired of going to the same workplace doing the same things, now is the time to start looking!  Monster posted 100 companies that are looking for workers, here are 20 to get you started.  

1. Aflac 1,893
2. AT&T 791
3. T-Mobile 533
4. Unitedhealth Group 530
5. Pilot Flying J 521
6. Advantage Solutions 496
7. H.I.S. 471
8. Avon 464
9. Stanley Black & Decker 426
10. Wells Fargo 387
11. Sprint   361
12. Brookdale Senior Living 336
13. MathWorks 251
14. Hertz   236
15. Laboratory Corporation of America 195
16. UPS 174
17. Knowledge Universe Education 164
18. Gentiva Health Services 159
19. Giant Eagle 148
20. Coldwell Banker

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Popular US Store, Mysterious Closing Procedures (2016)

Pay attention to signs about this store and others.

Video description

This video expose is styled as a documentary short, covering 5 unusual facts about Walmart store closings. Walmart has had numerous contracts with the U.S. government. One of these goes back to the early 2000s, when Walmart began a cooperative with the U.S. Defense Department on RFID technology. With the help of the DoD, Walmart has been at the forefront of biometric and RFID technology. In 2012-2013, Walmart introduced SoloHealth stations into their stores and announced that it was an Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, initiative. Most people overlooked that the SoloHealth stations came equipped with RFID scanning technology. Walmart was a pilot for these SoloHealth Stations, and collected data on thousands of people as a part of the test run.

In the past year, Walmart has announced that it will be closing many stores as a part of portfolio management, but in 2015 their explanation was different. They closed 5 stores because of "plumbing problems." In 2016, 10 percent of stores in Brazil closed. Brazil is currently in an economic recession that is quickening to depression. Many of the closed stores in the U.S. have been gutted for some odd reason; all the products have been removed.

In March 2016, Google accidentally leaked a map of the United States showing all Walmart stores permanently closed. The media did not cover this, though it was covered by a local Arkansas newspaper. Google claimed the map was an accident, but it is strange considering the only businesses shown to be "permanently closed" were Walmart supercenters, neighborhood markets, and express stores.

Also, there is some evidence that Walmart stores are a part of a system of tunnels underneath the United States. This topic was not addressed in this video.

Knowing all of the past contracts that Walmart has with the U.S. government, are we now seeing Walmart stores transition to their true purpose?

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Issues at Work Do Follow You to Your Residence

It is a harsh reality, the workplace stress not only affects work performance, but those you live with as well.  Long hours at work take away time from family.  Critical managers, demanding business owners, ill-equipped workers, budget issues and more can turn one's once positive personality completely upside down.  And where does the seemingly self-controlled individual end up dumping his or her woes?  On his or her closest loved ones.

Online media reports tell of workplace related stress adding a few pounds too.  So not only is one disgruntled about work, but he or she is eating for comfort too while watching TV or surfing the 'Net late into the night.

The pendulum of mood swings go from right to left with many unhappy workers and usually end up hitting a few too many times into the unsuspecting on the home-front.

"It isn't work making me act like's you!"  A workaholic reasons his or her family is to blame.  "I really wish you all would be more understanding!  I am under a lot of pressure at work...will you just leave me alone!" the one who once wore a happy mask starts to unravel.

So check yourself before checking others this week.  Something is obvious wrong and the workplace definitely has something to do with it.  There is nothing wrong with taking some lunch time and/or a personal day to figure some things out.  When everything else comes to an end, all you have left is the family you choose to allow in your life.

Nicholl McGuire

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