Your Job Isn't Good Enough...Need More Money? 17 Ideas for People Who Need Cash

Well you don't have a lot of time to read and I don't have a lot of time to write, so here goes, a list to help you start thinking of ways you can make some cash soon!

1.  Weekends are a great time to make money so are you thinking about outdoor events?  Pass out fliers, offer car washing services, clean homes, organize garages, assist with existing projects...can you think of more?

2.  Build something.  It doesn't matter whether you make it with wood, stone, paper, fabric, or something else.  What can you create quickly and have it out on display at a fair, flea market/swap meet, or somewhere else?

3.  Use your front yard to sell items from closets, drawers, cabinets, etc. or skills (like car detailing).

4.  Use your driveway or the front of your home as a parking lot.  (This works if you are near large entertainment areas)  Charge by the hour.

5.  Offer to babysit or pet sit.

6.  Errand or taxi service.

7.  Sell some stocks.

8.  Ask someone to GIVE  money, not borrow (especially those people who have gotten much from you in the past).

9.  Host a party (charge per head).

10.  Offer companionship (we aren't talking about sex--get your mind out the gutter!)

11.  Sell meals.

12.  Create a crowdsource campaign for your cause (on and off the Internet).

13.  Visit the pawnshop.

14.  DJ a party.

15.  Take photos.

16.  Cater a party.

17.  Haul things for people.

You can think of more, now go make that money!

(Do check for any licensing needed in your area before trying any of these things).

Nicholl McGuire

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