Are You Feeling the Need to Go Back to School? Why not Push for Affordable Learning Prorams?

These days Texas is receiving much media fanfare since the Governor of the state has been pushing $10,000 degree programs.  Read more here:

Take a moment to tweet your findings or share with your other social networks.  Parents and those who are seeking to go back to school but simply can't afford it, need to push for everything from free college courses to $10,000 or less degree programs.  Enough already with the student loans that are keeping citizens from fully realizing the American dream!

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What Most Companies Won't Encourage You to Do - Take a Day Off

How does an employer get an employee to be loyal to a company?  The short answer to this question is he knows how to program him or her over time to the point that this person will choose his or her job over family even during times of crisis.  And what might the dedicated employee receive after many years of choosing job over family?  Bonus money, a watch, a ring, or some other small token that says, "Thank you."

The next time you feel tempted to argue with a partner or a relative as to why "I can't be there because..." consider this, if you were ill, on vacation, or doing something else outside of your job, accomodations would be made in your absence--the show will go on.

Good employees most often have nothing to fear, but those who slack off--well they should be concerned about missing days of work. 

Continue to do your job well, but don't lose your family in the process.  There are always other jobs, but not other families that will love you in the way that a good one does.

Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and others.  She is the author of When Mothers Cry and other books. 

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