8 Relationship Skills to Help You Be Better at Work

Every business owner, leader and worker have skills that could be refined.  If you don't believe that you don't, can I tell you that is one area you can improve upon.  Take a moment to think about those relationship skills that you lack.  Chances are someone in the group is stressed at times with how you react to them and act with others.

1)  Controlling your temper.

Have you ever witnessed someone yell and curse someone?  How did the incident make you feel?  Even if you felt the individual brought the problem on his or her self, the atmosphere was tensed afterward.  Sometimes people just can't perform well in environments, due to quick-tempered leaders and co-workers.

2)  Handling conflict.

You might be good at controlling your temper, but when it comes to handling conflict with others, you really don't want to get involved.  How might you look to your team?  Employees don't respect you much once they see you are passive when it comes to addressing concerns.  In time, they whisper about wishing for a certain manager to leave, because "He/She is good for nothing."

3)  Avoiding the temptation to take things personal.

How many times have we misunderstood someone at work, at home or elsewhere and assumed that they were being mean, selfish, disrespectful, or vengeful?  Sometimes we have to be reminded, "It's not about you."  Could you use a little improvement in this area?  Less reaction and more action.

4)  Negotiating.

In order to get your needs met, you have to be willing to reach a compromise.  But some people prefer to control people rather than manage situations in such a way that parties are satisfied.  The art of negotiating definitely takes time to master.

5)  Validating others' feelings.

You might have watched how someone tried to explain his or her situation and no matter what was said, the person who was supposed to be listening cut him or her off mid-sentence.  Then there was some denying, fault-finding, blaming, and minimizing that took place.  How do you think that makes the other person feel?

6)  Being understanding.

Maybe an employee's feelings are validated, but when the leader or worker gets around others he or she lacks understanding.  There are negative things said about the employee.  Meanwhile, he or she thought it was a done issue, until word gets back, "The boss doesn't get you..."  Needless to say the environment will become tense.

7)  Acting respectful.

A little respect does go a long way.  Even if two people don't agree, at least there was no name-calling, false assumptions, explosive tempers, and cold-shoulders given.  Can you say that you are sincerely respectful when in a disagreement?

8)  Staying positive.

This is a challenge when your home life is a wreck, you've made many enemies at work, and even your cat runs when you come around.  What is it that motivates you each morning to get up and go to work?  What do you like about your job?

Check out videos about these different skills.  Take notes and start implementing what you have learned.  Change doesn't happen over night, but as long as you are aware of the problem and willing to work on them, then you are a winner!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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