Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Those Crazy People You Work With

Always late
don't check the date
doesn't care about his fate.

Makes an excuse
a recluse
his items not for use.

Talks about stuff
acts confident and rough
runs away when times get tough.

Does things slow doesn't know
fakes knowledge for a show
often stubs her big toe.

Out on leave
needs a reprieve
is he really a she?

Tells many lies
boss sighs
busted than she cries.

Pretends he knows this and even that
sits on his a$$ gets real fat
gone for days--his tire went flat.

Crazy and lazy
a workplace lover boy
uses women like a toy.

Work they don't do much
prefer to talk about such and such.

End of another work day,
this is why so many pray.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 Check out her work related audios for insight and encouragement.

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