Plan on Shopping Online During Cyber Monday?

You will probably want to take some time to do online shopping from work.  Don't forget to do the following:

One.  Ask permission if you aren't sure you are permitted to use the company computer to shop.

Two.  Don't save personal data on a public computer.

Three.  Pay attention to the time when you started researching.  You don't want time to get away from you shopping rather than working.

Four.  Never assume others around you aren't looking over your shoulder.

Five.  When you shop, don't forget to get cash back for your purchases.  Also, check for coupon/promo codes too.

Six.  Use a credit card over a debit card.  Most often it is easier to dispute a charge with your credit card company.  You also don't have the worry of some unsuspecting charges draining you of money in the bank for bill payments.

Happy shopping!

Nicholl McGuire, published poet, author, blogger.  Check out: Things to Do When Bored 

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