Blood Sacrifice for a Better Life

Many have made sacrifices in their lives to get ahead at the workplace.  Blood, sweat and tears so you have heard went into education, jobs, relocation, and more.  But some of the most successful people in this world don't tell you what they did behind the scenes other than go to school and do the typical things to get ahead.

There is a dark side to managing, owning, building,rebuilding and more when it comes to a man or woman's career or business and not all are playing fairly or wisely.

If you are of the right pedigree, have the "right" connections, and know a thing or two about the supernatural, you will be surprised at what is offered to you.

There are those at your workplace that no matter what you do or say they fight you.  You want to do things ethically, but they don't.  You value your family, they don't.  You know how to balance work and play, they don't.  So much opposition some of my readers have to fight up against just for a paycheck.

But I will tell you, that those who have sacrificed babies, without remorse, to maintain a certain career path and those who refuse wise instruction and even those leaders and workers who emotionally/physically cheat on partners and ignore children, reap what they sow!  Hopefully, you are one of them who have made your past wrongs right, but if not, take heed to this blog entry.

The path of the rich only leads to emotional and/or physical misery.  People who you think are your friends, end up not being nothing more than users.  When the money, fame, power, etc. is gone, they are gone too.  Then there is another path, the path of the wise man and when he walks on his path, he makes long-lasting connections and the things that he sacrifices are not made up of blood. 

Consider this the next time you desire more money, fame and power, what are you willing to give up to get ahead and is it really worth it?  Appreciate where you are right now until you can make sense of your situation, consult wise counselors, and be put on that path that leads to somewhere rather than nowhere.

Blood sacrifices of old are still very much ongoing.  The misdeeds of men and women are not outdated.  Scenes and customs may have changed over centuries, but people are still making decisions that cost people their mental and physical well-being.  Although you are not considered a slave at the workplace working for a king, the reality is you are very much still that and unless you desire more for your life, you will remain that.  Look beyond the material wealth and check your spiritual health!

Nicholl McGuire manages numerous blogs and writes books.  Feel free to receive practical, spiritual wisdom for your personal and professional endeavors here.

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