How to Know When a Job Isn’t Worth the Money

What are you willing to put up with for $10, $15 or $20 plus an hour? After reading a long job description, if the money is right, you go along with it. But how do you know you are in over your head and how do you get out?

Looking around your workspace, you see what you need to do and you might know by now how long it is going to take you to complete certain projects. You also know too how much financial responsibility you have and how much money it is going to take to free you out of some of it too. Now when you first took on the job you were willing to go along with certain things, although the pay wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but nothing else was happening at the time. Things change.

The first thing you will want to start doing is re-evaluating how much money you really need and start targeting jobs that are now available that is going to pay you what you are worth. You are also going to want to keep your eyes open for opportunities in your current position that will pay you more. By keeping watch on what you really want and taking some action, you will less likely become resentful of your present role.

The next thing you will want to do is ask others about what they are doing in similar roles and learn more about other companies in your industry. This way you will have some idea on growing changes, trends and whether you need to walk in the office and ask for a promotion. Be sure you have a list of the things you have been doing that will make management think, “Yes, I think this guy/gal is worth a pay increase.”

Now you will know when a job is not worth the money when you do the following: hear from others around the organization that there will be an increase of responsibilities, notice you are spending more time than necessary at work, your original duties are beginning to change or increase, and you are finding yourself having to learn a lot more new things and they don’t look anything like your job description.

Companies know how to get over on employees because they are well aware that they need their jobs. They are prepared for any backlash that might come when workers are asked to do more. They turn on the positivism in order to persuade people to stay for less while expecting them to do more. “There is a great opportunity that will lead to…You always wanted to do something like this, now is your chance…This is ground-breaking, innovative…you will want to be a part of this…We love our workers and we will give you…” Meanwhile, you sit back and realize that all your work is saving them money, while creating more headaches for you.  Is it worth it?

Nicholl McGuire is the owner and manager of this blog.

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