Is Your Workplace Making You Sick?

Sometimes we work in areas that we don't know have problems.  From fresh paint on walls to dust mites here there and everywhere causing all sorts of redness and itching, these issues and others can distract you from your work and cause the company to lose money if you should have to call off work.  So how do you know if your workplace is making you ill?  The following basic list are ways you can tell.  Feel free to add more by commenting below.

1.  Is a heating or air conditioning duct blowing directly on you?
2.  Are you in a tight space with no breathing room or windows?
3.  Are you cramped due to not enough leg room or sitting in a small, uncomfortable chair or working at a desk that isn't the right height for you?
4.  Are there far too many papers stacked in the office?
5.  Do you often smell strange irritants that leave your throat dry, nose running, or cause some other health issues?
6.  Do you often feel sick to your stomach due to odors?
7.  Is the carpeting, dust on furniture, and other things often making you sneeze?
8.  Do you notice your breathing or heart changes its pace whenever you walk into an area?
9.  Do you feel like you are going crazy or have frequent headaches in certain parts of the work environment? 
10.  Is the color or d├ęcor of the walls, furniture or flooring stimulating a bad mood or vibe?

Some issues can easily be rectified by cleaning, removal, or rearrangement.  Others will need environmental tests and maintenance.  Bring up any issues with Human Resources or the onsite supervisor or manager.  It is your right to voice concerns, if left unaddressed by management then discuss with owners or corporate representatives otherwise seek different employment.

Nicholl McGuire is an author, blogger and virtual assistant.  You can learn more about this writer here.

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