Consistent Problems on the Job - 7 Tips for Those Thinking of Leaving the Rat Race

Sometimes people stay on jobs too long while feeling miserable like they do in their relationships-- something has to give?  When you know that you have had more than enough frustration on the job and possibly at home too, you will continue to think negatively, then what do you do?

1.  You re-evaluate your skills.  Take out that resume and start going over everything that you could be doing elsewhere.  So if you have a background in real estate, you take what you already do and apply those skills to other career fields.  Find out what others have done online simply by searching your current career field and transferrable skills.

2.  Don't talk yourself out of starting your own business.  Review videos and articles created by business owners on what they did to achieve their goals.  Who knows, maybe that is what your calling might be.

3.  Stop bad-mouthing about everyone you work with.  Really, what good is that going to do?  The more you talk badly about them, the more upset emotionally and physically you will become and before long you will end up in the hospital with tubes up your nose or send someone who often listens to your complaints there.

4.  Discuss with a partner about your concerns which means that he or she may have to do more than what he or she is already doing or make adjustments.  Also, consider putting teenagers to work.  See here: Home Opportunities  What are they doing especially during long breaks besides the typical stuff?

5.  Check around your house for things you don't need, want, etc.  By doing this, you are also preparing for the future when you just might decide to quit or get terminated from your job.  The extra money will come in handy.

6.  Don't make yourself do things when you know it is in your power to change your environment.  Now if you have no options, then stick it out until you can create some.

7.  Pray even if you aren't the least bit spiritual, something or someone that is upsetting you calls for a higher power other than yourself.  So dust off the holy word, sit still awhile, and ask God to help you.  The opposition will arise and so will the negative attitudes when people around you know that you are considering on leaving a job, because all they can think of is, "How are we going to maintain this lifestyle?"  You just might have to cut out some things and if your money is paying for it all, then start training your family members to live on less early on before you make your announcement.

Nicholl McGuire

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