The Power of the Workplace Apology

It only takes but a minute to say, "I apologize."  However, ego prevents some from saying those two little words.

I remember those apologies that I had to say when I knowingly did something wrong, but then there are those apologies that have nothing to do with you, but you say them anyway just to quiet the person with the complaint.  Then you follow them up with, "What would you like for me to do for you?"  The person tells you what he or she wants, and you try to reach a compromise--end of story, right?  Not for some people.

The worker and client become irritated because neither one feels like their being heard. The customer doesn't feel like his or her needs are being addressed.  The worker doesn't want to be held accountable.  He or she may avoid apologizing while the client looks for some peace of mind.  The more the two talk, the more they don't get anywhere.  Everyone involved becomes increasingly angry.

We all can avoid a lot of unnecessary arguing if we just simply acknowledge that there was a misunderstanding, say we're sorry, and try to make wrongs right.  What's the use in taking on a defensive stance?  In the end, you just may lose more than your temper.

Nicholl McGuire

1 comment:

Dave Velasco said...

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