Stress Equals Overeating, Overworking

Which comes first the stress or the overeating and the overworking, that is the million dollars question, millions of dollars that is; in health care, prescriptions, therapist bills. The true story, all we have to do is find balance in our lives and that means in all areas; the right amount of hours of working; the right times to eat; eat the right foods; the right amount of exercise; the right amount of time for play and recreation; the right amount of time for the family and for our spiritual growth. This all balanced out will release the stress factor in our life and our overeating at work will disappear and it will reduce the pains of overworking.

When we don't find the time to grocery shop for our health, there we are at the vending machine getting a quick snack of food with no nutritional value, hitting the box of donuts or bagels that some one brought in as an incentive to get your business, or even worse, stopping at the donut shop for your breakfast because you did not have time to fix something of value at home. This kind of food is on every street corner and they make it very convenient to just "drive thru". It takes all of our will power not to fall into this trap.

The solution for this, look at ways you can reduce stress at work, take action in eliminating them to the best of your personal ability, take healthy snacks to work for when you just have to feed that stressful situation, eat breakfast, find restaurants close by that serve healthy dishes, find a health buddy at work so you can encourage each other when the down times come; have green tea at your desk for a quick pick up without caffeine and/or sugar.

Health problems, mostly stress related, cost employers $13 billion dollars a year, this is every reason your employer would appreciate your efforts in staying healthy and stress free, let them know and ask if there isn't a plan that could be developed to reduce their amount of these billions of dollars and assist in making that plan happen.

We are at work more than we are at home, we deserve to have it be a healthy, happy, functional, safe place to be.

Thought for the Day
: "We do not go into the wilderness to escape from life. We go to keep life from escaping us. -Naturalists source unknown-

My mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection, which brings peace, joy and prosperity into their lives. They learn how to experience the joy of balanced living. I accomplish this thru my Wellness Coach Program which i offer to individuals and corporations.

by Darlene Siddons

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