How To Convince Someone To Stop Smoking - Without Being A Pest

Many a times you may have asked this same question to people around you over and over again. How to convince someone to stop smoking? Well, the brutal truth is your possibility of being able to do so is close to none. Simple because for most smokers, it's very hard.

Even if you wanted to get yourself to quit, you would find that it takes tremendous discipline and motivation. By that I mean an iron will and a faith much, much bigger than a mustard seed. What's even more troubling is that most young people do not want to stop smoking. Let along the 'seasoned' smokers.

Yes, it is hard. But it is better to already know how to convince someone to stop smoking rather than not knowing at all. Be prepared for the harvesting season. You got good news. It gets a whole lot easier as smokers grow older. Maturity and age does play a part.

It is a known fact that many people give up smoking as they grow older. This is where all your knowledge on how to convince someone to stop smoking becomes really handy. They will be more receptive to listening to your suggestions on how minimize smoking.

This is your golden chance and here you can use more aggresive tactics such as shoving some "hints" out to them. For instance, when you are close to that person try to keep a distance when talking. It is something like both a body language and will make him strain to raise his or her voice a little. Very indirect indeed.

Your true talent on how to convince someone to stop smoking comes into light when you see them "getting it". Here's another move which will be far more effective after those body signals you've sent out.

Ensure all your face-to-face conversations are as usual and keep informing him (or her) how much you want him to quit. Remind him that you really love him so much that you wish they'd stay around for a really, really long time on this earth.

In closing, it was both my kids and my wife that convinced me to stop. It took awhile but I must say, I'm truly thankful to them for teaching me the real truth on how to convince someone to stop smoking.

Michael Benedict is now a happily married father of two wonderful children who is living a smoke free life.

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