Poem: Uncomfortable

Driven to a place
to sit with strangers.

A special invitation
encouraged by a friend.

Thoughts surround my mind
didn't want to go, but had to
otherwise a hard-earned reputation
would be tarnished.

They won't like me,
I'm one of "them."
I won't like them
they are one of those.

My stomach churns,
reminds me to eat.

Excuses of why I didn't make it the last time, scripted.
I wait for the opportune time to roll them off my tongue.
Maybe I can get out of this one,
before it's too late.

"Forgot something at home
don't bother to wait
just drop me off.
Something came up,
I just got a text.
Maybe next time...
thanks but no thanks!"

The undesirable moment has arrived.

At first glance,
they look annoyed,
yet they smile.
A handshake barely felt.

Sitting and laughing
sitting and laughing
trying to fit in.
This is getting old.

Time for a bathroom break.
Release the stress.
Wash my hands of their germs.
Check my teeth.
Smell my breath.
Wipe my mouth.
Adjust my clothes, my hair.
Good, no flaws they can use against me.

Back to that world where
Daydreams take hold
such an uncomfortable situation
My mind escapes.

playing with hair
why do I fear them?
picking with fingernails
It's just silence, someone will speak again.
stuttering when asked a question
I know my stuff, why did I just do that?
staring out a window
Hope they don't notice, I'm bored.
time is ticking
Did my watch stop working?

Thoughts of anywhere
but here!

At last,
time to go home.
Should have brought my car.
Relief has finally come.

"Nice meeting you."
Not really.

Back to my shelter from a ridiculous world.


Nicholl McGuire is a Poet, Blogger and Internet Content Producer. To read more of her work visit here.

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