Tips on Tackling Various Workplace Issues

Competition and increased need for profits has led to businesses becoming more and more money oriented and concentrating less on people or staff issues. Many businesses fail to realise the value of its employees, who can be equated to the most valuable resource available in any company. In failing to do so, they actually fail to recognise or acknowledge the various problems faced by the employees while performing their jobs. This leads to a disgruntled work force, which in turn leads to lower productivity and ultimately lesser profits.

Therefore, as an employer, it is essential that you try and create a secure work atmosphere, where the employee is assured of your complete attention. Prior to creating such an atmosphere, it is essential to understand the various issues faced by employees in the workplace. Such an understanding will help you in developing a workable strategy.

1. Stress in the workplace

This is one of the most common workplace issues faced by employees. Stress in the workplace can lead to lower efficiency, lower productivity, high levels of tension and conflict, all of which ultimately leads to an unhealthy work atmosphere. This could also cause employees to take more leave of absence because they do not want to face the stress.

In order to combat such stress, you can try and promote a healthy work atmosphere by trying to respond as positively as possible when confronted with any stressful situation and being more supportive of your staff, especially when they are under stress and pressure. By trying to understand their problems and by being supportive, you are actually building a relationship of trust and giving them a sense of being understood, this is often enough to help alleviate the intensity of the stress.

2. Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Harassment or bullying in the workplace is another common issue, which creates an environment of fear for employees. Such feelings normally translate into lower productivity and efficiency, which in turn leads to lesser output and profits.

Life coaches and business coaches feel that in order to deal with harassment in the workplace, it is essential to counter the negative elements while promoting the positive aspects. You may try and deal with all the negative aspects in your office and make it clear to all that such behaviour is intolerable.

Additionally, however, you could also try and create a positive work atmosphere by making certain changes in the office lifestyle. This will help in promoting self confidence amongst those employees who have been victims while deterring those bullies from repeating such behaviour.

3. Conflict and dispute resolution

Life coaching also deals with issues related to conflict and the effect of such conflict on our lives. Conflicts are common in all aspects of our lives, so also in our career. While it is not possible to have a conflict free workplace, you can try and keep conflict levels to a minimum, and aim to create an atmosphere of security, safety and trust.

Handling conflict in the workplace can be achieved by remaining calm and focused on the issues at hand, instead of getting drawn into the conflict. Similarly, ensuring that you intervene at the right moment is also equally important in effectively handling a conflict. It is important that you see yourself as a mediator, trying to resolve the dispute between two employees rather than getting yourself embroiled into the whole issue. Amicably resolving issues is the key towards success in handling conflict in the workplace.

4. Fear of discrimination at workplace

Employers often walk the tight rope just because they do not want to be accused of being discriminating. However, what they do not realise is that this decision often creates an atmosphere of fear in the workplace. Business coaching principles state that in order to avoid such issues it is important that as employers you try and create an atmosphere of trust, where people can opine freely as well as raise issues that could be termed sensitive.

5. Tackling aggression in the workplace

Stress and high levels of conflict leads to aggressive behaviour, which affects the atmosphere at work and therefore it becomes essential to tackle the same before it affects the productivity and the efficiency of the staff. You can try and formulate policies and regulations for controlling such aggressive behaviour at workplace. Business coaches feel that having a written policy or code of conduct in place will go a long way in ensuring a stress free work environment and in instilling confidence in the staff.

There are many such issues that are common in the workplace. While it is not possible to deal with all such issues, the above are the main ones that can affect the overall productivity, if not taken care of. The tips given above are an indication of some of the various methods possible to tackle workplace issues and is not a complete list. Many workplace issues can be tackled by using your imagination and creativity along with presence of mind.

All the best,

Natalie Dee

London Life Coach & Business Coach

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