Staff Productivity Plus Great Culture Equals Effective Workplace

Once you have these great people, there is a true art to keeping them productive and happy, and that art is known as “creating a culture”. While it may not sound hard, creating and maintaining a culture that meets all the requirements for all of your employees can be a balancing act to say the least! Here are some ways to build a great office culture and to keep employees happy in their job.

Office Surroundings

There aren’t many people that enjoy going to work in a pokey, dark office! That’s why the office culture starts with the surroundings in which you put your staff. When choosing an office space, look for a location with plenty of windows, large break out areas for staff to have lunch in and good heating and cooling. These things may all sound like standards, but you would be surprised! Many business owners will look for places that are low on extra space (to save money) and rarely think about the positive impact that natural light can have on their staff, never mind a good heater and air conditioner.

There are a range of options when it comes to livening up your office. Bright paintings, colourful furniture or cushions, or even funky office stationery will improve morale and lift everyone’s spirits.

Plants have also been shown to increase productivity levels in staff, decrease stress and provide an all round more positive environment in an office situation.

Team Building and Office Perks

Many people are now sold on a job, not by the remuneration they are offered, but the perks the company provides. Simple things like buying a coffee machine, keeping a stock of drinks in the fridge or a Friday afternoon off in the summer months every now and then all helps to make a business a more enticing place to come and work each day. These initiatives may only cost the business a small amount of money, but will have a huge impact on team productivity and happiness.

Team building exercises don’t need to be weekends away or huge off-site extravaganzas. Something as simple as getting a table tennis table in the office to encourage staff interaction, or even ten pin bowling once a month can do wonders for building a strong and supportive team.

By: Ralph Garofano

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