Dealing With Anger Problems Can Be As Easy As ABC

Anger is a very healthy and normal human emotion that all of us feel. Anger, under the right mindset and justifiable actions can help us resolve conflicts, set things right, and push points across without anyone getting hurt in the process. Dealing with anger problems can indeed be easy, but it will take effort on your part to pull it off. While we may also feel that at times our anger may be justified, taking action through destructive and aggressive means will always end up in disaster, for you and for the other people or things involved.

So it is important therefore that in one way or another, you will be able to manage your anger. Easy route? Well maybe none exists, but there are methods that can simplify things out for you. Take the AB and C of anger management for example. Never heard of it yet? Here's what they are:

Assess: When you are angry or at the point of losing your cool, exploding, flying off of your handle, popping, and all the other terminologies to losing temper, assess the situation. If you really don't get it yet, asses further. The point is that you take the time first to see things for what they are in a rational point of view. Remember that when you are angry you tend to be overly emotional and exaggerated allowing both to affect the way that you think, leading you to make awful decisions, and irrational actions.

Breathe: When we are angry we tend to breathe a bit faster than normal, while you might not see anything wrong with this, in a clinical point of view it can affect the way that you feel. Over-breathing can increase the oxygen within your body, speeding up the flow of blood to various organs, including the brain. This "slight" hyperventilation can cause the unnoticeable feeling of panic which adds to the aggression that you already feel, pushing you to do something, whether rational or stupid, and considering that you're overly emotional and exaggerated state, most likely you would be ending up with the second course of action which is stupidity.

Channel: Before you get to this point, it is important that you are able to successfully accomplish the ABC of stress management as it will be impossible to channel your energy to more constructive actions unless you are in a calm and rational state. Remember that you are not aiming to stem your anger except put it under your thumb allowing you to use those emotions to more useful ends.

So as you can see, dealing with anger problems can indeed be as easy as ABC, when you're reading it that is. Practice however is a different thing. You will need the iron clad resolve to change things for the better in order to benefit or even make these techniques work, especially if your anger problem is already a bit deep.

By Eddy Kong Wai W

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