Your Manager, Supervisor, or Team Lead Ain't Your Friend

Your boss isn't your babysitter, spouse, brother, cousin, ex-lover, high school buddy,or someone else that you may know.  No matter how much someone at work reminds you of a loved one, that is no excuse to treat him or her like a loved one.  Remind yourself and others, work is work.  Be kind, friendly, but respectful of the fact that a work relationship is not like any of your social relationships.  Far too many people are let down with this reality check when they don't get the response to their requests in the ways they may think or the favor they believe they deserve.

With talk of more lay-offs in this country and elsewhere, it would be wise to be the best employee you can, but remember when the axe falls, don't take it personal, it's just business.  A wake-up call to those who mistakenly think the wrong things about the leaders in their organizations.  Read the following points and let the reality sink in, feel free to share with someone who is a bit too chummy with others.
  • He isn't smiling at you because he wants a new wife.
  • So you went out to lunch with the business owner, don't be surprised if you never see him or her again.
  • She isn't laughing at your corny jokes because she hopes you will ask to take her out one day.
  • Your co-workers never forgot about your emotional outbursts no matter how much they act as if they like you.  It never is quite the same after a blow-up, now is it?
  • Management isn't going to overlook tardiness and poor performance just because you dress so well, get along with most people and bring doughnuts.
  • Just because someone in your group was picked to lead a team doesn't mean leaders like them so much that they will remain in that position for always.
  • You may have had a good time with a CEO or some other power player in your organization at the last holiday event, but that doesn't mean he or she will keep in touch.
Our apologies for busting anyone's bubble, but sometimes workers get a bit too comfortable and so the truth might sting, ouch!


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