5 Things that will Sever a Good Partnership with Administrative Assistant, Secretary

She or he is your right hand man or woman promptly meeting your demands, addressing those who you don't want to deal with, and setting the record straight with your staff when you aren't around or don't want to handle situations.  Yet, one day something happens that changes your once healthy work relationship on a different course.  Now your administrative assistant or secretary may not like or respect you as much as she once did.  Why?

Let's reflect back shall we?

Think of a time you said or did something that crossed boundaries with your worker.  Maybe you commented harshly about his or her work, made a false accusation, used the individual to cover your dirt, etc.  Sometimes management can be ineffective, difficult, needy, or bizarre about responsibilities, feedback, and other work related matters.  So what might you be doing to destroy what remains of a so-so or bad relationship with an administrative professional?

1.  You defended favorite staff members even when they often break rules, act disrespectful and more.  Your admin or secretary came to you with unflattering information about a worker you really liked and rather than weigh the evidence, address the matter or receive the feedback, you defended your personal favorite and may have went so far as to tell your admin or secretary, "Mind your own business!"  What are employment instruction booklets and rules for again? 

2.  You went too far with your deadlines and demands.  You have many things lined up and you expect your admin/secretary to do it all.  Then when he or she rejects some of your requests, you are offended rather than consider how long and how much of a workload this person already has--who is really at fault about missing deadlines?

3.  You repeatedly attempted to cover up your lies, mistakes, and other issues and used your admin or secretary to do it.  Many workers do have a conscious and if your work ethics are lacking and you get your workers in on your mess, sooner or later they are not going to keep playing along.

4.  You never admit when you are in the wrong.  From your schedule to what you told him or her, you just can't accept the fact that your admin/secretary is on top of things.  That's why you have this individual, because keeping track of everything on your own is challenging, so why hurt those who can help you?

5.  You burned your worker out.  He or she is emotionally and physically drained possibly with you, the workplace environment, or one's concerns falling on your deaf ears.  You are either going to do something to manage the situation or let the work relationship burn.

Consider this sound advice if you strongly want to keep your busy professional around, but if not, there are plenty more out there.  If you choose not to change certain habits, conduct at work, policies and procedures and staff concerns, you just might attract more problems for yourself and the team in the future.

Nicholl McGuire is a business owner, manager of this blog and virtual assistant.

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