Your Future and The Job

You can predict at least some of what is ahead when it comes to your job.  There are some indicators that alert you to whether you will be able to go the distance with a company.  But if you are not watching for signs, then you just might be blind-sided with a major layoff, a favorite manager or co-worker leaving, a major change in protocol and more.

Consider the following questions when thinking about your future and making plans for yourself and family:

1.  Do you really like your job?  List how many things you like about it and compare them to the things you hate about it.  If there are more things you dislike than like, then this is a good predictor of your future with the company.

2.  Is there room for improvement and are you making contributions?  If you have no desire to be a part of any changes and can't think of anything much else to do, then you may not be seeing yourself as a team player which could affect whether you or "they" would attempt to protect your job if there should be a lay off.

3.  Do you have little or no respect for management?  You might be able to weather the storm, if you took on a leadership role.  Look for opportunities to teach, supervise or manage a project.  This will help keep you interested in the job and you just might be on your way to a promotion.

4.  Is your personal feelings about people at your job getting in the way of how you relate to a partner, children and other relatives?  If there are major issues arising personally, you may need to strongly consider whether the job is worth potentially losing a partner and/or children.  If you don't have either, could you see yourself managing this job and having a family too while maintaining your sanity?  You might have to put on hold thoughts of marriage and children for right now.

5.  How much are they paying you and is your salary worth it?  Think about whether your financial goals are being met with the money they are paying you.  If you feel you are working way too hard for peanuts, consider looking at what other companies are paying.  A future relocation might be necessary.

6.  Are people aware at work how you truly feel about working for the company?  If your attitude is negative, chances are someone or a group has talked to management about your attitude, work performance and more.  Negative things that are done and said at the work force have a way of coming back to haunt you sooner or later.  Start thinking about a back up plan just in case you are one day suddenly terminated.

7.  How much money do you need to put aside to achieve personal goals you have yet to do?  Whatever your desires, they will cost money and time, so create an effective plan that will put your mind at ease and stick to it.  Otherwise, your personal problems will show on the job. 

Sometimes the issues we experience aren't about jobs, but personal disappointments that we have not allowed for time to address. Let them fester and they will negatively impact your resume i.e.) one year with this company, two years with that one, unemployment gaps, etc., future companies will start to hesitate about hiring you.

Once you have interviewed yourself, you will have some idea what your future looks like and whether or not your job is indeed right for you. Keep in mind, loved ones will be affected by whatever decision you reach, so choose wisely.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on a number of topics, writes books and provides administrative support to individuals and businesses.

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