What are You Doing Wrong? When Management, Co-workers Grow Impatient with You

Sometimes you just can't do anything right when it comes to management and others as a new employee.  Maybe you are having an off day, have no clue what someone wants, or just don't want to do things in the way that he or she wants, whatever the reason, if you don't snap out of it, things are only going to get worse for you.

So here are some tips that might help if you are experiencing a lot of heat from leadership and fellow workers:

1.  Identify what the problem might be.  Maybe you are not the one at fault, but do those around you know what seems to be the problem?  Communicate your concerns about equipment, workflow, customer service issues, and anything else that might be impacting how you do your job.

2.  Don't assume that you aren't the problem.  Sometimes people work slower than others, their minds go elsewhere due to personal issues at home, and more.  As much as you would love not to be the cause of something gone wrong, humble yourself and check what errors you made and work hard not to keep making them.  Some leaders aren't very understanding when it comes to making mistakes.

3.  Poor training.  Could it be that you need additional training?  If so, don't hesitate to talk with someone who can help you with this like a supervisor or Human Resources.

4.  Work schedule no longer working out.  Things change in our personal lives that impact work hours.  Think about how you might be able to do some things differently to bring peace of mind to all parties including yourself.  You may have to start looking for another job.

5.  Socializing too much.  Sometimes talking with visitors, guests, clients, co-workers and others can get in the way of job performance.  Cut down on the communication and focus on the tasks at hand.  You can always make arrangements to go out to lunch with a favorite co-worker or meet after work.

6.  Health issues.  Pain is not always easy to manage.  So if you find that you just can't move as quickly as you once did, stand for a long time, and do other things, you will need to get a medical excuse and talk with management on doing other things within the department or elsewhere.

7.  Ineffective management and/or staff.  From poor instructions to inconsistent rules, when teammates are looking to place blame, rather than check what they are doing wrong, this can lead to many problems at work.  If you should be experiencing this sort of thing, you will need to make arrangements to meet with management, co-workers and a Human Resources representative if need be.  It is always better to air out issues, then let them fester to the point that someone ends up doing something he or she might later regret.

When work performance tends to steadily go downhill, always take the time to:  identify the problem, seek solutions, create a plan in writing, set up a meeting (if necessary) with those linked to the issues, and make needed changes.  To your success!

Nicholl McGuire manages over 18 plus blogs, writes e-books and books, and provides virtual assistance services.  Her business is Nicholl McGuire Media.


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