Do You Care About Your Job? Management Look for Faults, Cut Jobs, Save Money

The economy has been a hot topic in the media for some time and it only seems to be getting hotter with all the buzz over the years about economic stimulation plans.  Companies have always had plans of their own to save money (not so much face) and it always seems to boil down to job cuts.  
One way they go about choosing who will stay and who will go is to look for faults they will have ordinarily overlooked.  Let's say that you usually are the one who shows up for work a few minutes late, but you stay late to make up the difference, this may not have ever been an issue but it starts to become one for a business owner, boss or supervisor who is looking to cut some jobs. 

While you go about your daily business in this mock scenario, a group had already met and wanted the answer to the following question, "What will be the checklist we will follow to start eliminating some jobs?"  A leader makes a suggestion, "Let's definitely start looking closely at those individuals who like to come in tardy."  A supervisor says, "What about those ones who often stay late and we pay them over time?"  Others make suggestions, "Hey let's take a look at the workers who have been out for a long time and what about those parents who are always looking to leave early for one thing or another related to their children?  How are these family distractions affecting their work performances?"
Meanwhile, those who are not privy to such confidential meetings are being watched, actions or inactions are being documented, and the plan is to let them go sooner rather than later.  There won't be too much talk about one's work performance, warnings will appear harmless, and meetings will seem like business as usual.  Employees who have been sitting comfortably for awhile now are surprised when change becomes evident and a good buddy or favorite leaders are no longer working at the company.
Start the process of securing your job even if your efforts mean nothing to corporate, do what you can to stand out from the rest anyway.  You know what you have been doing and not doing lately at work, so make a difference.  Change your attitude.  Cut down on the negative talk and complaints.  Watch expressing your bold opinions to leadership.  Other things you might want to do:
  • Correct your own faults rather than point out others.
  • Look for ways to save the company money and time.
  • Direct the manager's attention to misdeeds.
  • Smile more and act like you care about your job.
  • Write your ideas down make a copy and submit to those who can help you keep your job.
  • Research what your company's competitors are up to and share your findings with leadership.
  • Read books and attend classes about what you do and how you can do it more effectively.
  • Volunteer or offer to work longer hours when you can.
Sometimes, no matter what you do, some leaders have to make the difficult decision to let employees go anyway.  But at least you went out doing the best you could if this happens to you.  Remember to get those letters of recommendation!
Nicholl McGuire provides website content and administrative support to individuals and businesses on and offline.  See her Linked In profile page here.

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