Forgive the Boss for He Knows Not What He Does

There will be those times when you are left feeling bewildered when it comes to what a boss thinks he needs/wants right now.  Other times you just might feel like your mind is going a mile a minute, because of the downright insane things he is telling or doing to you.  Every worker has a moment in his or her career when the person just doesn't want to go on due to a boss who is having a bad day or many days.  Yet, you know that underneath all the chaos is a man (or woman) who is really a nice and caring person who just wants to do the best at his or her job, so what to do?

Forgive the boss.  Easier said than done.  But what you are doing when you forgive someone is keeping the desire at bay to want to pay him or her back for mistreating you.  A lot of negative energy goes into planning a pay-back plan on someone who has hurt you.  Sometimes the mean-spirited side tends to take over and before long you find yourself easily angered not only at the boss, but just about anyone who comes in contact with you.  So release the need to get even and place that burden on your Creator's shoulders (that is if you have one).  If not, do something positive that will help your well-being.  From a visit to the Human Resources Department to a daily work out, whatever you can do to dispense the ugliness you feel inside in a productive way.

Communicate your concerns with your boss.  Sometimes employees aren't very good at articulating their needs; therefore, their issues with the company fall on deaf ears.  Put workplace problems in writing, schedule a meeting, and express concerns and solutions to your boss.  Avoid the temptation to want to make the meeting an "attack session" where you are venting everything that you hate about the boss and the company.  If you do this, most likely he or she will never let you forget what you have said.  Some bosses know how to drive their workers away or mad because they were offended by them even though they will never breathe a word about the offenses.

If you feel like you can do something better at the company, why not share what you know with your boss and other leaders/workers?  Enlist the help of other employees and bring along a witness or two the next time you have a bright idea.  Document what you know and share copies of your ideas.  Some bosses become overwhelmed with other duties that they fail to keep up with other tasks.

Take a moment to put yourself in your manager's shoes.  If he or she is battling with an illness, a personal issue at home, or dealing with many workplace challenges, most likely these issues and more are affecting his or her personality.  The same may have happened with you in the past or even presently.  So give your boss the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe a thoughtful gift might be just the thing to bring a smile on his or her face at least temporarily.  Your boss will remember that time when you thought of him or her.

If things are becoming too much at the office, to the point that you have dreams of doing something bad to your boss, then by all means consider another job.  Check out online directories who have lists of temporary employment agencies as well as websites with job search resources.  Make the search for a new job a priority!  Sometimes workers must forgive at a distance--better safe than sorry later.

Nicholl McGuire   

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