10 Signs Your Permanent Job is Temporary

What some will never tell you when they hire you is that one day that permanent job you think you have is really only temporary.  The biggest misconception some employees have when it comes to employment is that they will most likely have their jobs for a long time.  This may have been true for parents and grandparents, but nowadays with many business models changing, sometimes overnight, one can never be too certain.  There are signs to look out for that your position might not be permanent.

1.  You notice the job title and description changed after you were hired. 

It feels like you are playing musical chairs at work, your position changes almost every few months.  You really have no idea what is your primary job anymore.  The leadership has either given you more responsibilities that are expected to be done by a certain date or less.  The tasks are not really what you had in mind. 

2.  Your boss feels threatened by you and will joke, prank, act rude, or do other things to make you feel uncomfortable.

The likelihood that you will be sticking around for a long time is highly unlikely unless you have tough-skin when it comes to a difficult boss.

3.  Your workspace is often shared by others and you find yourself worried about people using or stealing your things.

The stress of your personal space being violated will get to you unless you are able to change the environment that you are in.  If not, little annoyances will grow into larger ones sooner or later and you will think about getting another job.

4.  When you need supplies they are either insufficient, incorrect, broken, ignored, or delayed.

It can make you very angry when you can't get something as simple as a good writing pen or a reimbursement for company related expenses.  Therefore, if leadership is unsupportive in helping you meet your needs, it is inevitable that you will be shooting out resumes elsewhere to ease your troubled mind.

5.  You don't feel like you fit in with the group.

No matter what you do someone or a group of individuals often finds faults with you.  The burden of this kind of negative treatment can be so great that eventually you might find yourself quitting without notice.  Those who are growing weary of you or don't like you might push you out by complaining to the boss.

6.  When there are meetings you often come away from them confused or wondering what is the purpose?

Most workers know meetings that don't solve problems, don't move the company forward, or just tend to be nothing more than a waste can be tiresome.  When there seems to be no answers, leadership and co-workers are unsupportive and nothing is really going on at those meetings, you will start to feel doubtful about your future and whether or not it is even worth sticking it out with the company.

7.  You personally know that you will never get the top spot or corner office.

Whether you are dealing with layers of departments, cliques, policies, stubborn old men and women (who refuse to retire/change/learn something new), or something else, all the jumping through hoops will bring you down.  The office politics will make you want to run for the door.  With no hope to move up, you will want to change your career course.

8.  Employees have been quietly seeking other job opportunities.

When many others feel like you do, this is a definite sign to plan accordingly, save your money, and start looking for another job.  People who don't see the writing in the wall are blindsided and will find themselves unexpectedly laid off, suspended, or worse fired.

9.  You can't trust anyone.

Feeling alone in a large company with no one to talk to about your professional challenges is a good sign that something is brewing.  It is always best to keep your mouth closed and your eyes wide open.  Have you noticed an increase of unfamiliar traffic, people working late, others being laid off or fired, and temporary staff being let go steadily?  Hmm.

10.  The culture and gender diversity is either non-existent or  the atmosphere is so multi-cultural to the point that there is constant workplace bickering.

Does the company have a history of much turnover?  Chances are it will only be a matter of time that the issues of others might end up on your desk.  Work overload, gossip, tardiness, stealing, surfing the Internet, and any other issue that tends to create a divide between genders and culture will keep one stressed.  Unless the company policies are clearly outlined and enforced, people will do what they want based on what they experienced "back at home, in the neighborhood, where I use to work" etc.  How you deal with these issues will determine whether you will stay with the company or not.

Notice the signs that you see all around you are based mainly on how you respond to them.  Also, keep in mind that leadership is watching too.  So if you should display an attitude that says, "This is too much for me!  I can't stand this job..."  Those who can free you of your burdens will!

Nicholl McGuire 

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