Unethical Worker Using Flattery to Hide Deception

He tells you, "Good morning..." he is often happy and doesn't appear to have a care in the world.  Yet, you feel something is a bit off about this person.  The friendly smile doesn't really seem what it appears to be.  You watch him for awhile.  A good worker, team player, and gets along well with others, but still something isn't right.

You may have someone like this at your workplace, someone who seems to be the life of the party, so to speak.  But in time you may have learned why he or she is so over-the-top with his or her pleasantries and appears to work harder than most, this worker just might have some dirty company business to hide.

I watched one of the most ignorant, yet one of the brilliant of the bunch use his flattery to distract fellow workers from his deceitful actions.  " are you...what's new...I just needed to use this..." while he had a goody bag of company things he had helped himself to.  I was left feeling shocked, angered, and confused.  How could someone so nice, be so dirty?  He had learned from the best--pimps, players and hustlers.  People who spent days lying, stealing, and cheating to earn street credentials and obtain wealth.  The "nice" guy had participated in undercover foolishness for so long at his workplace, while winning the trust from so many, that when he was exposed, some refused to believe the truth about this manipulator.

When the smile wasn't showing, cold eyes revealed a cold heart from the sneaky worker that didn't care much about others or the company's reputation.  He was in business for himself.  When approached about his wrong-doing, the typically cool, calm and collected guy was visibly nervous, talking fast, and willing to make bargains even if they were unethical with management.  He sweet talked his way with select leadership and knew how to sell his skills and those that loved him by name-dropping.  Individuals that mixed business with friendship looked the other way and worked to protect him while others just looked on in disbelief.  Powerful figures didn't want to get their hands dirty when the news reached their ears.  Therefore, they sent a select few to "investigate," "interview" and watch, but the man with the smile had connections higher than they.

Things to think about when dealing with a deceitful worker:

1.  He or she most likely has been getting away with unethical acts for some time.  If this is the case, the worker might be quite comfortable in his or her mischief.  Begin to build a case against this person and make copies of all information you collect.  Chances are that someone, who really likes the person, just might destory evidence.  Note dates, times and offenses.  Set up hidden cameras and other useful things to help when it is time to confront the individual.

2.  Know who his or her favorite people are and start befriending them.  They just might slip up and say some things about the deceitful worker's conduct one day especially if this person has angered him or her.

3.  If you are in leadership, hire someone or get a volunteer (who is not a relative or friend of the deceiver) to report to you about the latest happenings with the unethical worker.

4.  Don't encourage negative behavior by joking with this person, participating in, lying, or covering up his or her deceit.  Avoid the temptation to argue about facts with this person.

5.  Don't share findings with people you know who are friendly with this person.

6.  Don't allow personal feelings toward the deceptive employee get in the way of doing your job.  "It's nothing personal, it's just business." so the old adage goes.

Once deceitful workers are found out yet nothing is done, it is only a matter of time that they will bring themselves and others down with them.

Nicholl McGuire       

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