Hatred for the Job

It steadily rises up in you, the hate.  Each day becomes more and more difficult to come into work.  You despise the drama you might face, the workers and visitors who often complain, and the management who just doesn't understand.  You are often bitter, irritated, and ready to bite someone's head off the minute they say something that bothers you.  Let's be honest, you hate your job!

How many of us have been there and done that?  Why does coming into work have to be such a challenge?  Well, it can be when you simply realize one day, "This isn't what I want."  But what clouds one's mind is the need for money.  People will tolerate much for a good salary and benefits and just might sell their souls for the perks.  But when you don't like your job and the people who work there, hatred is sure to follow.  Is it fair to lash out at others because your employment choice just isn't working out for you?

Although one might know it's time to leave, the challenge is when?  Do you leave when a certain amount of money is saved up?  Do you say goodbye one day without a job lead?  Do you give your two-week notice on a promise of a new job without being 100 percent sure you have it?  The answer is you leave when you are good and ready and not when something happens at work that makes you go. 

Too often employees could have avoided termination had they paid attention to their minds, bodies and spirits before the dismissal.  We all have an innate ability to read a situation and avoid it.  Think of that time when you knew parents or other relatives were having a discussion in the other room about you.  So you listened and confirmed it was true, but did you want to go in?  Most likely not.  When meetings are ongoing about you at the workplace, even though you don't know that they are going on, you have a feeling you are not wanted around much longer.  Chances are someone has picked up on your hatred.

No one wants to be hated--no one!  So if you are the one doing the hating, it isn't a private matter, someone somewhere has noticed a difference in the guy or gal who first walked through the office doors who has now turned into that angry guy or gal.

Why suffer each day trying to find something to like about your job when it is obvious you hate it?  Why bother to vent to others about your job and the management?  Why spend days drinking your job challenges away?  Ddo something about them, before someone else or a group will. 

Remember there is never any good time to leave a job, you just have to do it when you feel you are mentally and physically ready to move on with your life.  If you are a believer, pray and fast about it and enlist other believers to pray with you before you make any decisions.

Nicholl McGuire

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