Knowing What You Want to Do After Lay-Off

After 30 years of being employed without ever experiencing a lay off, a guy whose name I will call, Fred, would be told one day that his work at XYZ company is complete.  His position will be no more and that he had best start looking for work elsewhere.

It happens, people lose their jobs sometimes with notice, sometimes without.  Once the warning has been received to find a different place of employment, most people hit the ground running.  However, there are those who are so shocked by rejection that they just sit there.  Very little effort is made to seek new employment, start up a business of their own, or help others with their ideas. 

Some, who have been recently laid off, might think they are really putting their best foot forward by checking a few job boards, going on periodic interviews, and attending a networking event "When I feel like it..." but the truth of the matter is, only the strong survive and are successful because they have found something that they truly want to do! 

The individual, who moves at a snail's pace headed toward something he or she doesn't really like, has little regard for other people's time, and doesn't believe that he or she can find something in their field, will miss out!  One's faith must be strong, believing that "I will get to where I want to be..."  All the while this person respects others and geuninely shows interest in helping meet their goals as well as feeling good about his or her role.  He or she must be willing to give up frivolous worldly pleasures to pursue what the Spirit within calls them to do. 

Innately we all know we are destined to do something, but how much time and effort do we put into doing what we know to be right (what might fulfill us mentally, physically and spiritually) as compared to what we logically think we should do or what others tell us we should do?  Most people go with what they think is feasible, easy, and doesn't require much leg work.

Consider your position, what you have been trained to do for months or even decades, is it truly what you like to do or is it just something you do to put money in your pocket?  Any job dismissal is a blessing in disguise.  It causes one to re-evaluate what is his or her true purpose.  You will never know what sincerely makes you happy if you don't make the time to re-discover who you are and what is it that you truly like to do.

Nicholl McGuire

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