7 Signs You Know You Have Fallen Out of Love with Your Job

What you use to enjoy about coming to work is disseminating.  You just don't have the passion for your work like you once had even though you may have repeatedly told others, "I love my job."  It happens, sometimes workplace changes aren't always a good thing.  But whatever is going on to make you feel like you just don't love your job much these days, don't take your issues out on loved ones.  So what might be signs there is no love for the job anymore?

1.  You stop taking interest in meetings.  No note-taking, no participation, and you often forget what your responsibilities are.

2.  You frequently show up late, call off, or take long lunches.

3.  You aren't the least bit interested in what your boss tells you about the job like company events, new acquisitions, procedure changes, etc.

4.  You don't bother making small talk with co-workers and avoid asking them questions related to the job.

5.  You are easily irritated with the workers and what they do and say at the job.

6.  Your family often witnesses you in a bad mood after leaving the workplace.  You are complaining about your job more than you ever had these days.

7.  You avoid opportunities to do anything more at the workplace than you already do.

When these signs and others consistently come up, it's time to soul search first.  What happened on the job that caused you to start feeling this way?  Note your findings.  Is there any way to make things right?  List what can be done.  Do you need to meet with someone in leadership?  Mention your observations and share solutions.    Give change some time to take effect.  If you don't like the results of your efforts, start looking for another job.

Nicholl McGuire

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