10 Signs it Might Be Time to Move On from a Job

Lately work has been something like a bad relationship, you are putting up with foolishness because you just aren't ready to leave.  At times you convince yourself that everything is "Okay" and "Alright" when it isn't.  But why put yourself through all this worry and stress?  Maybe you do need to leave.  However, before you do anything drastic, pay closer attention to the signs and then do something about your woes.

One.  Leadership frequently fails to keep their promises while leaving it up to you to dig them out of their messes.

Two.  You no longer feel that your spiritual faith can sustain you each day you show up at your workplace.

Three. Your boss and co-workers keep finding faults with you even when what you do isn't worth mentioning.

Four.  Your spouse or best friend keep telling you to quit your job because he or she sees how bad it is affecting you personally.

Five.  You find yourself lying about little things just to hide your true feelings about your job.

Six.   The money received from your work is no longer helping you meet financial goals.

Seven.  Hateful feelings concerning your job are festering within you and you are gradually ruining your relationship with others as a result.

Eight.  You are beginning to come to work late and are often taking days off.

Nine.  You worry about getting fired for things you know you shouldn't be doing or saying at work.

Ten.  You no longer like to commute from your home to your job and complain often about how far away you live.

If the majority of these signs describe your situation, it's time to make a serious effort to rid yourself from this emotionally and physically binding job.

To your peace and a sound mind!

Nicholl McGuire blogs periodically on Apartment Leasing Tips blog.

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