Today is Your Off Day!

For some of us, we rarely have an off day especially if you are a parent of small children. So even if you have a vacation day, you are still working! From preparing meals to running errands, there is never enough time to get everything done!

Yet, we do have those unexpected moments during the day, the personal days we didn't take, and the vacation days that we let accrue! Take advantage of them! Some of us are suffering in our relationships because we don't know how to take off work. Others are hurting all over because the stress has set up in our bodies like a cancer and is slowly killing us. There comes a point when we have to say, "Enough is enough!" Slide back the office chair, get up and just breathe! Take one day more off than what you planned sometimes. Go out of town if a change of scenery does you good. But whatever you do, know that it isn't just you that you are helping, but those around you who have been putting up with your mood swings.

Take today to thank God for what you have and don't have. Hug your family and realize that if it wasn't for them, you probably wouldn't have the drive to keep working like you do! It's okay...give yourself a break!

Take it from me soon after I finish my blog posts, I am turning off the computer and thinking of another time I will fast from being on it. With four sons, a relationship, work at home projects, and a recent relocation, I need the break!

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