Just in Case Your Co-Worker Calls Off in the Coming Months Here's Why

The following are real upcoming spring holidays whether your company chooses to acknowledge them or not; some of your co-workers just might, leaving you in the dark asking yourself, "Why did he (she) call off?"

  • April 16th - National Librarian Day
  • April 17th - National Cheeseball Day
  • April 20th - Volunteer Recognition Day
  • April 24th - Pig in a Blanket Day
  • April 26th - Hug an Australian Day
  • April 28th - Kiss Your Mate Day
  • April 29th - National Shrimp Scampi Day
  • May 1st - May Day
  • May 3rd - Lumpy Rug Day
  • May 4th - National Teacher's Day
  • May 5th - Cinco De Mayo
  • May 8th - World Red Cross Day
  • May 9th - Mother's Day
  • May 11th - Eat What You Want Day
  • May 12th - National Receptionist Day
  • May 14th - Dance Like a Chicken Day

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