Half of U.S. Workers are Disgruntled: How to Increase Morale?

Every company has employees who can’t stand their jobs. Unfortunately, for many companies this trend is increasing which leaves employers at a loss as to how to handle low morale. Dissatisfaction creates all types of problems in the work place ranging from poor productivity to plenty of drama.

Employees are not that happy with their jobs today. According to a survey of 5,000 households conducted by the Conference Board more than 50% of employees disliked their jobs. When the study was conduced in 1986 only 40% of workers hated their jobs. Thus, the amount of people disgruntled with their work life is rising.

Not all is lost simply because some employees are not happy. There is a good chance these employees won’t be happy anywhere else either. Companies do have some control over their employee “happiness level” if they make some simple adjustment. Move from the most cost effective and economical to those that require much more investment. Judge how the changes have affected your work climate before moving on.

Simple Happiness Adjustment:

1.) Cross-functional Training: Some employees get bored with their work due to the repetitive nature of their job. Allowing for cross-training not only helps employees to have more variety but also is beneficial to the company. When businesses can use their employees in a variety of places they have more options in terms of staffing needs and in-house opportunities.

2.) Flexible Schedules: Dissatisfaction may come from other family
obligations that may conflict with normal work schedules. As single mothers and father become the norm these conflicts are likely to continue. Adjusting work schedules to fit the needs of employees may be beneficial in increasing contentment and lowering turnover.

3.) Employee Appreciation: Just like you employees like it when their boss pats them on the back and says “way to go”. Appreciating your employees and their contribution to the organization can go a long way. It has been said that employees are more concerned about work environment than about pay.

4.) Clean Up The Work Area: No one wants to work in a nasty and dirty work area. By putting plants in the hallways, repainting rooms and remodeling areas a positive impact on the workplace will happen. It shows team members that the company isn’t all about squeezing productivity out of them but also about providing them with an excellent environment.

5.) Provide Growth Opportunity: No one wants to work for a dead end job. If you are an employee who is working hard but don’t see your job ever going everywhere the chances are you will punch in and out like a zombie. By allowing for internal promotional opportunities it gives workers a chance to go up the corporate ladder and helps them set goals.

Murad Ali, a two-time published author, writes articles and offers advertisement space for businesses. Visit http://www.thenewbusinessworld.blogspot.com

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