Team Working - What Stops Teams From Working Effectively?

When teams get to performing there is no doubting the value and benefit that they bring. Sometimes however, teams just do not work effectively. So what stops teams from working effectively?

Fuzzy goals or objectives

If a team does not know with absolute clarity what it is to deliver, chances are that at best it will deliver something of little value or at worst nothing at all. Don't compromise the ability of the team by leaving it to try and finger out what it is to deliver. Make it crystal clear.

Roles are not defined

Just imagine a scenario. Something has not gone as expected and everyone is saying that they thought that someone else was doing the task that was so critical. When riles are not defined things fall down a track and when things fall down a crack no one wins. Get clear on who is doing what.

Bad decision making

Taking decisions as a team is different to taking decisions individually. It requires team members to rely on each other, a concept that might be alien. One thing is certain you will get some decisions wrong. The key is to aim to get a clear decision making process on the team that everyone understands.

Policies and procedures that are past their sell by date

Organisations, especially big organisations need to have some boundaries and protocols which are typically set out in policies and procedures. Trouble is these policies and procedures can easily become onerous our out of touch with current practice. Make sure that policies and procedures are still relevant.

People don't interact with each other appropriately

We all based on our experiences, background, professional disciplines have different preferences. Trouble is people often forget this and fail to adapt their style to move closer to the people they are interacting with. Make a point of thinking about the other person's preferences when interacting.

Bottom Line- Teams when working well together have the potential to deliver great results. So what's getting in the way of successful team working in your organisation?

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements (G&A) works with teams in large public and private sector organisations who want to work more effectively and achieve better results. He is an authorised Facilitator for Team Coaching International's Team Diagnostic Asssessment.

He invites you to check out details of his sevices and programmes at

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