Office Temporaries: How to Protect Yourself Against Dishonest Co-workers

Expected to do some questionable things on your new temporary assignment? If so, here are several things you might want to do to cover yourself.

1.  Don't agree to do anything that you know full well is breaking the law, handbook, and other similar things.  Notify the temporary agency immediately and be prepared to quit the assignment even if they convince you to stay.

2.  Document who asked you to perform an illegal or questionable act, what the person said and include the date and time the conversations took place and where. Be sure to keep detailed notes what was asked of you and save the information elsewhere.

3.  Make copies of anything that will support your case especially if law enforcement is involved.

4.  Speak with a trusted attorney, someone who doesn't have a long-term relationship with someone who works there or is affiliated somehow with the corporation.

5.  Watch your back.  Even though you might assume some people would never do anything to hurt you or your family, never underestimate them.

Remember, you agreed to work to assist an organization, not to protect dishonest people and do their dirty work.

Nicholl McGuire

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