Do You Really Want to Be on Top in that Industry or Working with Those People?

They told you, "This would be a good job for you."  They said, "You are very talented, we want you!"  You said, "This is what I want to do..." Who are you kidding?  You don't even like the job much less the people, yet you stay like a victim in an abusive relationship then you get the wisdom, courage, motivation to leave, but then back to your work space you go day after day, week after week. Ho hum, ho hum.

I had a dream last night it was one of those really thought-provoking ones that was quite vivid and made me feel somewhat relieved and at peace.  I saw myself riding in one of those stylish, upscale elevators decorated in steel gray with detailing in a wood grain finish inside and new multi-gray carpeting.  Everything was new within and around.

The ride was very quick up to the 11th floor.  Then the elevator stopped without a sound or a jolt--I could barely feel it.  I realized I was at the top of a tall building. I looked in front of me and rather than see a door it was glass.  I observed the white collar professionals arranged in row seating on a crowded main floor.  They were sitting in high back black leather chairs behind high-end, long horizontal shaped, dark brown desks.

As I watched through three separate tall yet wide glass windows that were facing the east, west and north of me, I could see these thirty-something men and women were all very focused with those in front of them as well as the paperwork on their desks.  Some of these people were somewhat stressed from the looks in their eyes and none smiled not even a little bit or frowned.  They didn't exchange pleasantries with those seated in front of them which were primarily white--some older others about the same age. I felt the negative energy from the workers, they were quite tense, but the people in front of them not so much.  They were talking and the workers were listening.

I must mention on the way up to that 11th floor in my dream I was excited, but the positive feelings quickly went away and my anticipation of meeting those important looking people with their white shirts and business suits was no more.  I remained in the elevator and the doors never opened as the elevator went back down behind walls with no view.  A slow ride down and the dream ended.

Back to reality....I awoke realizing that being on top is not what I want, but being content is more important.  It didn't matter how much of my own kind I saw at the top (I saw many African Americans), that the corporate world at those levels wasn't for me.

So I say this to the weary worker, if you really want to be a genuine success in this life, try on happiness for size first!  It should come before location, benefits, dollar amount, the kind of people, you would like to work around or for, and more.

Will you sincerely be happy on the top?  You probably are already on your way like I was in the dream.  How much research have you really done related to your industry and where is it headed?  Will you be happy with the changes and will you be willing to go along with the programming?  Every workplace has programming and every worker will be trained/admonished/persuaded into doing certain things that might compromise your core beliefs.

When you are in Rome and don't play like the Romans, doors don't open for you, you are nothing more than a spectator--that's me.  So be willing to start from square one again when you suddenly realize, before they do, that you are not one of them.  What is your real calling in life?

It's a great ride up on that career ladder until truth hurts, and a life-changing situation puts you on that ride back down again.  But you will survive and with every trial you face, you only get stronger if you don't let people, places and things get the best of you!

I find myself enjoying my life these days even when it appears like nothing much is going on and money isn't all that great.  I realize more and more with each passing day that success isn't in how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, or where you live, but true success is being happy with you! Contentment or authentic joy can't be found among flawed men and women and it definitely doesn't show up in a competition with others who believe themselves to be something special or demi-gods, you have to look beyond mortals for sincere appreciation of life and all that comes with it!

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