Numbers Don't Lie - Watch How Many Minorities are Laid Off or Terminated From Positions as Compared to Others

It happens a company has to let go of jobs in order to save money, change current systems, relocate, and more.  However, when you begin to see a pattern at different places you have worked, your eyes aren't deceiving you!  Minorities, women, seniors, those with vested interest in the company, temps, and students are usually the first to be let go before others irregardless of those who perform good work performance and have exceptional attendance. You have to know it is systematic and also bias. Here are some links to articles that share some facts you might have overlooked or didn't think to consider.


Blacks hit hardest by public-sector job losses during recession, study finds

Apparently You Can Get Laid Off While Pregnant

Who's Displaced First?

Last Hired, First Hired

Postal job cuts would weigh on minorities, vets

Laid Off, With Retirement Almost in Sight

What are my rights as the minority shareholder who is being laid off by majority shareholder?

Wrongful Terminations

CNN Hit With $5 Million Bias And Wrongful Termination Suit

Workers Sue McDonald's for Racism, Sexual Harassment, and Wrongful Termination

Is your company next to lay off some people? See Daily Job Cuts

How to Tell a Layoff is Coming

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