When it comes to the Workplace, Do You Feel Loved?

What does one have to do to gain a bit of respect at the workplace?  Well, instead of offering the usual tips like: being polite, saying "please" and "thank you," offering to help others, meeting deadlines, etc.  Let's think of some things you might be doing that make employees think less of you.  Then after pondering those things, maybe the light bulb will come on as to why you or someone you know doesn't feel any love from the leadership and/or co-workers.

1.  Have you checked how you talk to the boss and fellow co-workers?  If you find flippant remarks, eye rolls, deep sighs, and more okay to do and don't see anything off-putting about doing these things, know that most likely someone or others do.  Just because no one hasn't said anything  to you doesn't make what you might be doing right.  Chances are someone is going back telling others just how much he or she doesn't like you and the flying monkeys are co-signing on the negativity.

2.  What about the way you keep your work environment?  Is it disorganized, smelly, messy, crowded, offensive like a poster or relic of a controversial leader, entertainer, etc.?  It isn't any wonder why no one wants to come visit your cubicle or office, you are what you represent.

3.  Personal issues?  As much as we think we can separate the two, sometimes we just can't.  A tear falls from your eye when someone mentions your deceased loved one.  The anger is still lingering on your face after an argument with a partner or divorce.  A worker/best friend can see the frustration in your eyes after disputing yet again with children.  The intense looks, impatience, sudden mood swings, and other negativity that shows up periodically will create an intense environment.  People don't want to hang around emotional people.

4.  How about coming in late, leaving early a bit too often or taking far too many days off?  Management and co-workers hate this.  They aren't going to like you too much when you are "That One" who likes to stick them with work to do and will talk badly about you.

5.  Flirting a bit too much with others while wearing clothing to match?  Is it necessary to spend much time smiling and chatting with every attractive person in the office while cleavage or thighs are showing or muscles protruding out of a too tight polo shirt?  Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, doesn't matter, there is a place for all things and during work hours is definitely the wrong time.  Cover up, wear something lose and think about the image you are portraying to others.

6.  Guilty of stinky food?  If not, just skip this, but if so...Why even bother bringing it to your work station everyday?  The stares and noses turned up during lunch are most likely aimed at you.  Workers anticipate their lunch hour and then when it is ruined by something that smells like death or seven old day, sweaty gym shorts, you got to know you won't be liked.

7.  Talk and laugh loudly?  Workers who value peace and quiet and aren't much interested in showy people especially during their break.  They will shoot you daggers with their eyes that say, "Shut the....up!"  Seriously, is anything at work that d*mn funny?

If you passed all seven points made, then good for you, but you still need to know why you don't feel any love from management or co-workers.  How about you start interviewing some folks if it means that much to you.  "Am I doing anything that annoys you?  If so, could you please let me know or tell me if someone else has issue with me?  Thanks."

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books, spiritually motivates people, and enjoys thinking about the funny stuff that happened while working with and for some of the craziest folks.  (This one goes out to the temp who enjoyed showing us her new dance moves in the cubicle back in the day, so glad she never knocked anything down--seriously we wanted her to sit her tail down eventually she got the message).

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