If You Are Unhappy on a Job then Does Money Really Matter?

For some workers, it doesn't matter how much they are paid if they aren't happy where they work, they don't complain or bad mouth management, they simply look for new employment.  But what do most employees do?  They continue to go into workplaces deeply resentful or their disappointment shows up on their faces.  Yet, they love that money.  Payday is the only time you see some smile.

Only you know how much personal happiness means to you as compared to money.  If all that matters is money, then you most likely will keep suffering, wishing and hoping that things might one day be different.  You will continue to look forward to your paycheck and then once the bills are paid it is back to the scowl, the deep sighs, etc.

Take a moment and pen all the things you like about your job and all the things you don't.  Then begin to check out the classifieds for positions related to what you really like to do.  You may not be ready to leave your current place of work, but at least make an honest effort to see what is out there at least once or twice a week.  Next, talk to others to find out what they like about their jobs and how they cope when things arise that they don't like.  You may find some wisdom in what they say that you can use until you are ready to seek different employment.

Money really shouldn't dictate your happiness when it comes to a job, rather the contentment should come from being grateful that you are able to do something you sincerely don't mind doing.  Too many people have wasted their lives chasing after wealth and in the end were filled with many regrets.  Your self-worth is far greater than your net-worth!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and other books.

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