The Trouble About Loving a Job...You Don't Love Your Family Quite As Much

A child's birthday celebration is coming up.  There are after school events worth checking out.  A relative is ill.  A friend hasn't seen you in awhile.  But your job and all that is associated with it, you will put in overtime even when it isn't necessary.  You will go above and beyond to assist the boss, team, and others affiliated with the company.  You will arrive early and stay late.  You will work holidays and weekends whenever called upon.  You love your job more than family.

The messenger isn't being judgmental when he or she calls you out on your "love" for the job, but a disgruntled family member or friend who barely sees, talks, or spends time with you is, and the "shut up" money and gifts are not working like they once did. 

Some of the most successful business owners have done quite well, because they were obsessed with their crafts, but what they won't tell you is that they lost their families and friends during the process.  There are sacrifices that are made and some owners and workers are all-too-willing to give up much to have a life that most dream of while they smile and act polite with the team and act mean-spirited and annoyed with their families and friends.

When one has found some sense of personal satisfaction at work and with family, he or she performs well with both.  A person, who has a love for job, but not so much for family, has to figure out how to make certain adjustments that will appease parties personally and professionally.  Will there be challenges?  Of course, but as long as one knows and accepts the truth that he or she loves that job more than family and is willing to make wrongs right, he or she will  do some things differently.

If you are guilty of loving work more than family, list what you can do to make life better on the home front.  If you know someone like this and you can clearly see he or she is losing his or her family, speak up, listen to his or her issues, and provide some advice.  Take the time to do research on how to balance workplace and home life effectively and share what you have learned.

To your happiness,

Nicholl McGuire has spiritual videos related to business at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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