5 Signs You Won't Last Long with an Organization/Company

One's attitude will dictate whether he or she will be a success at any organization or company.  If a worker feels hidden animosity toward others, has unchecked resentment or bitter feelings, or overall hates many things about his or her job, it is only a matter of time that the individual will either quit employment or be let go.  Obvious signs a worker will not last a long time with a company include:

1.  The person often talks negatively about the leadership.
2.  (If in management) He or she doesn't listen nor does the individual address staff concerns.
3.  He or she finds his or her self lying or exaggerating about what they do or don't do at work to leadership and staff.
4.  The worker is frequently worried, stressed, or easily aggravated every time someone interrupts his or her work or has to deal with the public.
5.  The person hates his or her commute to work and back home again so much in fact that he or she often leaves early or stays late at work and doesn't like doing that as well.

If most of these signs apply to you, you may want to start looking for new employment.  It is better to start your job search now before you are forced to do it.

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