Prideful Leadership Won't Make Employees Do Any Better

Mr. Leader feels the need to remind his people who is in charge, to boast about what he can do for his employees, "If only they would..." He lists his past accomplishments and degrees as if they will help build his credibility with the team.  Mr. Leader dresses well, walks with a strut, talks firmly, and doesn't hide who he favors and who he doesn't.  He dangles the power of his pen like a carrot in front of a rabbit while hoping that his employees will march to the beat of his drum.

The observant ones, those that have been around for a long time--longer than Mr. Leader has held his position, don't budge.  They have seen his type before.  An immature leader with a chip on his shoulder.  He demands respect he has yet to earn.  The veteran employees sit in his meetings and listen most of the time.  They say few words.  Mr. Leader is frustrated with them for he knows that they are wise, but they give up no ideas, no trade secrets, and aren't interested in doing any more than what is asked.

Mr. Leader has failed to win friends.  Secretly, he doesn't like people much, he simply tolerates them.  They have been nothing more than bridges that have helped him accomplish dreams over the years.

If there is any lesson to learn from Mr. Leader's mistakes is his power presence, power status, and power whatever else he uses to make his employees act in the way that he wants, are the very things that will cause his demise sooner or later.  The most powerful individuals are those who look and act like one of the employees while humbly using their power to get things done--power isn't for show.  One should never use a position of power like a weapon, put it away, it isn't the tool you pull out to attack an enemy.  What else do you have in your arsenal?  When the time is right to use power, you will know when Mr. Challenge presents itself.

Mr. Leader and Mr. Challenge rarely get along, because they are both arrogant.  Mr. Challenge likes to question, rock the boat, change things, and make some feel uncomfortable usually for attention sake.  Maybe Mr. Challenge has too much time on his hands or maybe not, but whatever the case, he has watched Mr. Leader exercise his power in offensive ways with other employees.  Mr. Challenge enjoys ruffling his leader's feathers a bit usually in front of others.  He knows how far to go and isn't the least bit concerned about things like: write ups, termination, cut bonuses, etc. because he is well-connected--he knows people that Mr. Leader doesn't know well. 

Mr. Leader might have tried ridding himself of his trouble, but to no avail, the Challenge remains.  When a leader has used his power in ways that others don't agree, it can be difficult to rally up support to do away with those who might need to be fired.  

Dangling one's power will not change things, it won't make employees work better, and it definitely won't make challenges go away, rather prideful individuals will only cause more headaches.  One must do away with pride/ego and focus on the tasks at hand.  When employees know that leadership sincerely cares about them, they can and they will do better.

Nicholl McGuire


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